Celebrities React: Jeff Sessions Offered Attorney General Position

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Jeff Sessions attorney general Donald Trump

By Holly Nicol |

Jeff Sessions attorney general Donald Trump

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Celebrities are reacting to Sen. Jeff Sessions being tapped by Donald Trump to be the next Attorney General. Sessions, a conservative from Alabama, grew close to the President-elect after endorsing him early on in the campaign. While Trump cited his “world-class legal mind,” in 1986 the Senate rejected his appointment as a federal judge over allegations of racism. See reaction tweets from stars below.

“Star Trek” veteran George Takei tweeted, “Trump has named Sen. Jeff Sessions as Atty Gen’l – a known racist and staunch opponent of marriage equality. Strap in, it’s gonna get rough.” Sophia Bush wrote, “Our President Elect is the KKK’s dream. Let. This. Sink. In. Now flood your senators and elected officials with calls for them to resist.” Michael Ian Black offered, “If nothing else, the fact that we’re arguing about exactly how racist Trump’s picks are is a cause for concern, no?” “Honest question Trump supporters – are you ok with the fact Trump is choosing a cabinet filled with people with a history of bigotry?” asked Alyssa Milano.

Andy Cohen offered, “So he’s a racist, a homophobe, AND he’s against marijuana reform? OY.” Comedian George Wallace joked, “I’m tellin ya’ll Boss Hogg is GONNA get a cabinet post. I know he’s a fictional character and whatnot but Trump’s gonna find a way.” Guns N’ Roses lead singer, Axl Rose, said, “Good people don’t listen to, acknowledge, nominate or elect people like Senator Jeff Sessions.” And Sally Fields expressed, “Everything we feared. Here it is. How can we give Trump the benefit of a doubt? Look what’s happening. I’m not doubting. Organize, rise.”

Stephen Colbert cracked, “Pence, Bannon, Sessions, Pompeo, Flynn, Priebus. Not sure Trump knows that, traditionally, you only need 4 horsemen.” Mia Farrow also posted, “With Trump’s selections of people with extreme views, our fears are now validated.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities react to Jeff Sessions being offered the position of Attorney General.


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