Celebrities React: James Comey Testifies About Donald Trump At Senate Hearing

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Celebrities React Comey Testifies

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Comey Testifies

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Celebrities are reacting as James Comey testifies about Donald Trump at a Senate hearing on Thursday. See Twitter reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Comey is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill about his dealings with the president and his investigation into Russian collusion during the presidential election. Trump fired the FBI director in early May, before the investigation had concluded. In his opening statement released on Wednesday, Comey asserted Trump wanted “loyalty” from him, and an end to the investigation on Michael Flynn.

Many television networks are broadcasting the Senate hearing live, and many outlets, including Gossip Cop, are live streaming the proceedings. And as it unfolds, a number of celebs are sharing their reactions on social media in real time. In fact, a few began commenting on Comey’s opening remarks yesterday, and resumed tweeting in anticipation this morning.

For instance, when a fan tweeted Andy Cohen their wish that he was hosting the hearing, he replied, “Me toooooo! #ComeyDay.” Currently abroad, Zach Braff wrote on Twitter, “Need a good Comey-watching bar in Stockholm.” And in response to a request for potential queries, Alyssa Milano asked, “Mr. Comey, based on what you know, should Trump be impeached? #questions4comey.”

Troian Bellisario tweeted, “So mad I am flying while the #ComeyTestimony is happening. Guys tell me everything when I land and it better be GOOD!!!” On Instagram, Carey Hart predicted, “Hmmmmm, this should be interesting.” Back on Twitter, as the hearing got underway, Debra Messing observed, “This is so stressful watch the swarm of photographers in [Comey’s] face as he sits stoically.”

“Emotional opening by Comey. Clearly aftermath of his firing an affront to him/FBI,” commented Katie Couric as she live-tweeted the hearing. Lorde remarked, “only in 2017 would one be launching a tour and watching comey testify at the same time.” Misha Collins told fans, “I don’t normally like courtroom dramas, but I’m transfixed by this one.” And George Takei alerted followers, “Serving White Russians and Moscow Muellers during the Comey testimony.”

Chris Evans exclaimed, “This. Is. Crazy!! Watching history unfold.” Kevin Smith tweeted, “Testifying #JamesComey reminds me of when #DonDraper pitched the @Kodak Carousel. Aside from his use of ‘Lordy,’ he’s eloquence in a suit.” Lily Allen jokingly wrote to Trump him, “OMG, watching the news, are you ok???????”

“Do you realize that this man was fired from a job he loved, defamed on the way out the door & denied a proper goodbye? #ComeyDontPlayThat,” Yvette Nicole Brown posted. Andy Lassner concluded, “Comey is right where we need him. Pissed.” Josh Gad questioned, “Trying figure this out. Is every GOP senator on Trump’s legal team?”

John Cusack argued, “Comey behaving how a president is supposed to behave- trump a disgrace- repubs hanging all there hopes on the words I hope – context setting.” Kerry Washington simply exclaimed, “#Comey WOW.” Billy Eichner admonished at one pointed, “DON’T TRY TO BE FUNNY AT THE SENATE INTELLIGENCE HEARING.” And Rosie O’Donnell slammed, “donald defamed comey – he defamed me – he’s trying 2 defame #OBAMACARE – calling it a death spiral” – a BLATANT LIE – don’t believe him EVER.”

“This #comeyhearing is utterly fascinating. WOW. Also, I love our Senator @KamalaHarris,” Mandy Moore said in a comment that contrasts with other stars who criticized Senator Marco Rubio’s role in the hearing. Ricky Gervais remarked, “With UK exit polls suggesting that the British public have shot themselves in the foot again, James Comey is really keeping my spirits up.”

Offering opposing views were Ann Coulter, Geraldo Rivera, and Jedediah Bila, the last of whom tweeted, “If I were Donald Trump, I’d be very happy with what was said in this hearing.” And while Trump himself has yet to comment, his son Donald Trump Jr. fired off some tweets during the hearing, sparking more reaction from stars.

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