Celebrities React: Hillary Clinton “Overheated” At 9/11 Memorial, Has Pneumonia

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Celebrities React Hillary Clinton Overheated

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Hillary Clinton Overheated

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Hillary Clinton abruptly left the 9/11 memorial on Sunday after becoming “overheated,” and it was later revealed she has pneumonia. Now celebrities are tweeting about alleged health concerns surrounding the presidential candidate. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

Clinton attended the annual September 11th service in Manhattan, which commemorates the 2001 terrorist attacks. But she unexpectedly departed the event almost in secrecy, amid claims she fainted. The former Secretary of State’s campaign eventually released a statement saying “she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.”

Though Clinton later said she was “feeling great” as she left Chelsea’s apartment, video has emerged showing her being helped into a waiting SUV, and seemingly falling as she attempted to enter the vehicle. Piers Morgan tweeted it out, writing, “Very worrying footage of @HillaryClinton collapsing today.” Charlamagne Tha God also posted the clip, writing, “They need to clone a much healthier Hillary Clinton to prevent things like this from being seen.”

Mia Farrow argued, “It’s 88 degrees in New York City. Probably even hotter in the sun where Clinton was standing. I used to get faint in church- the heat, the intensity #HillarysHealthisgood.” Sophia Bush also defended the Democratic nominee, tweeting, “FYI I almost fainted in NYC Fri eve, outdoors,@ 10pm. No sun. I wasn’t wearing body armor. I wasn’t even wearing a shirt & I almost passed out. I share that tidbit so that hopefully people can stop wondering how on earth @HillaryClinton could almost faint today. It’s not rocket sci.”

“All u have to do is read the hateful comments about Hillary’s health incident today & then ask yourself, whose America do u want to live in?” said Michael Moore. Katie Couric wondered, “.@HillaryClinton leaves @ChelseaClinton apt after aides say she overheated during 9/11 ceremony. How will @realDonaldTrump respond?” She went on to write, “Glad she seems better. Just curious because his campaign has been trying to suggest her health an issue.”

And Meghan McCain posted, “Hey @TheFix – can Hillary’s health be a considered a valid issue for the media to cover now? My father never fainted on the campaign trail.” The incident comes a few days after the National Enquirer ran a speculative, sensational, and largely wrong cover story about Clinton having “deadly health conditions,” like multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

Clinton’s own doctor, however, announced on Sunday afternoon that she’s actually suffering from pneumonia. The statement notes she was diagnosed on Friday and told to “modify her schedule.” Despite the ailment, she still went to the 9/11 event, where she became “overheated and dehydrated.”

There has not been any indication she won’t make a full recovery. Still, the admission prompted Moore to tweet, “Well, pneumonia. That’s serious. Campaign kept it hidden Fri/Sat/Sun. No wonder the crazies get traction. Dems are pros at losing elections.”

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