Celebrities React: Hillary Clinton Loses Presidential Election

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Hillary Clinton Loses Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Hillary Clinton Loses Reaction

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Celebrities are reacting to Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

Clinton’s historic campaign for the presidency began more than 500 days ago with the slogans “I’m With Her” and “Stronger Together.” Many in Hollywood agreed and came on board, actively campaigning for the Secretary of State during the primary season. And a large number of stars joined Clinton at the Democratic National Convention this past July, where she became the first woman to win the presidential nomination from a major political party.

In the month since, celebrities continued to pull for Clinton just as much as they seemed to advocate against Republican opponent Donald Trump. Just looking at Hollywood, it started to seem like a victory was a sure thing. Now stars are trying to make sense of Clinton’s loss and this stunning upset while also looking to the future.

James Van Der Beek tweeted, “Hillary voters: Trump voters aren’t all racist misogynistic bullies at heart… they wanted change, and didn’t think Hillary was capable.” A stunned Rob Lowe posted, “Wow. She conceded. Wow.” Elizabeth Banks said, “Glass ceiling is so high and hard. Never stop climbing and banging.”

Beth Behrs resolved, “I’ve never considered a career in politics. But after what happened to our country tonight — it’s time for us to take a real stand. Unite.” Jenna Uskowitz posted, “Turning the TV off. Tonight we grieve. Tomorrow we rise above. It won’t be easy and we wont like it all the time but we must keep H O P E.” Tom Arnold said, “Proud of campaign Hillary ran. Disappointed & feel 4 her. Was put through ringer by ‘men’from Putin 2 Gowdy & never cried ‘Sexist Bullies.'”

Invoking a Michelle Obama quote, Emmy Rossum said, “When they go low, we go high. We regroup. We listen. We double down. We bet on us. Good night.” Ghostbusters director Paul Feig similarly said, “We go high. It’s all we can do.” Vivica Fox said, “WOW! My heart is SOO sad as I’ve just learned that @HillaryClinton will not be our next POTUS! THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY SEE! JUST WATCH.”

Maria Shriver told followers, “My fellow Americans, tomorrow we must put this election behind us & reach across the divide. We have to listen, learn & find a way to unite.” Bradley Whitford also said, “We fight on. For equality. For inclusion. For opportunity. For justice. For science. This is not a defeat. It is a call to arms.”

“RISE UP,” implored Katy Perry, who was at Clinton’s would-be victory party. Patton Oswalt urged, “Hold your loved ones close tonight. Let ’em feel it. Get some sleep. Back at it tomorrow. Love has a longer wick than hate & fear.” Ben Stiller posted, “Now it is time to move forward and hope that our country can come together. #serioulsly #positivity #Hilary #respect #kindness.”

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