Celebrities React: Fidel Castro Dead At 90

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Celebrities React Fidel Castro Dead

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Fidel Castro Dead

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Celebrities are reacting to the death of Fidel Castro. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Castro died on Friday at age 90. The passing of the controversial Cuban leader has prompted a strong, varied reaction on Twitter. President-elect Donald Trump, however, simply exclaimed hours after the news broke, “Fidel Castro is dead!”

Piers Morgan tweeted, “Ruthless dictator, revolutionary hero, iconic world leader. Survived 638 assassination attempts.” Josh Gad commented, “Wow. #fidelcastro is dead. He has defined #Cuba for so long, it will be fascinating to see what comes next.” Larry King said, “I hope Fidel Castro’s death ushers in positive changes for Cuban people everywhere.” Taraji P. Henson offered, “#RIPFidelCastro.”

Russell Brand posted, “‘La historia me absolverá’ #FidelCastro.” Lupe Fiasco announced, “Fidel Castro has died. Beloved and despised. A symbol of resistance against western imperialist oppression and labeled an oppressor himself.” Cher remarked, “Fidel Castro Was a Murderous Dictator. He’s Dead. Like ALL Strong-Man Despots, He Let His Ppl Suffer & Die Because Of His Insane Ego.”

Jesse Jackson said, “In many ways, after 1959, the oppressed the world over joined Castro’s cause of fighting for freedom & liberation — he changed the world. RIP.” Ann Coulter sniped, “Obama wins! Outlives Castro to become Western Hemisphere’s last iconic Socialist comandante. #fidelcastroisdead.” And Charlamagne Tha God wrote on Instagram, “R.I.P. Fidel Castro. The honorable Minister @louisfarrakhan has stories of how you wanted to empower people. Thank You.”

Back on Twitter, Patton Oswalt cracked, “Florence Henderson and now Fidel Castro. Weird how the stars of I LOVE LUCY passed away so close together.” Billy Eichner joked, “RIP to everyone’s favorite television mom, Fidel Castro.” Jeffrey Ross also quipped, “Comedy Central’s 1973 Roast of Fidel Castro is still one of my favorites.” George Lopez went as far saying, “One Dictator Down … one to go.” Diane Warren similarly wrote, “Well one dictator kicked the bucket so we don’t have to hear about that other dictator for a minute. #notmydictator.”

On a personal level, Jose Conseco shared, “I was born in Cuba and Fidel Castro was our leader. Came to the USA because of him. Can’t say I feel anything for his death. There is a reason many defected to USA.” Camila Cabello, who was also born in Cuba, tweeted, “I want nothing more than to see the families that were divided to come together again and for all the years of pain to come to an end.” And in Instagram, Lauren Jauregui, whose parents are Cuban, wrote a Spanish message that translates to, “The cockroach died. #FreeCuba What happiness! I know that my grandmothers are dancing together in a party in heaven where Celia Cruz is singing songs about liberty and freedom.”

Fellow Cuban-American Gloria Estefan also shared a deeply-personal reaction. As Gossip Cop previously noted, Castro’s death comes nine years after Perez Hilton wrongly reported he died.

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