Celebrities React To FBI Director Clearing Hillary Clinton Again For Emails

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Celebrities React Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation

By Michael Lewittes |

Celebrities React Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation

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Celebrities are reacting to FBI Director James Comey informing Congress on Sunday that Hillary Clinton has again been cleared of potential charges for using a private server for her emails. Comey set off a firestorm on October 28 when he informed Congress the FBI would resume its investigation of Clinton when it found more emails on the computer of disgraced former Anthony Weiner, whose estranged wife is Clinton aide Huma Abedin. But with just a little more than two days to go to the presidential election, Comey noted in a new letter to Congress that the FBI has “not changed our conclusions expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.” See stars’ reactions below to Comey’s about-face.

Lady Gaga tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: FBI CONFIRMED to congress TODAY there’s NO criminal grounds for reasonable prosecution in relation to Clinton emails. RT RT!” Debra Messing ‏wrote, “COMEY CLEARS @HillaryClinton! AGAIN. NOTHING to charge her for. NOTHING then, NOTHING Now. GOT THAT VOTERS?” And Alyssa Milano ‏similarly shared, “FBI clears Hillary. (Again).”

Cher ‏exclaimed, “FBI DIRECTOR COMEY JUST SAID,HILLARY DID NOTHING WRONG HIS LACK OF JUDGMENT 4LAST TEN DAYS COULD HAVE COST HER THE PRESIDENCY,4 NOTHING.” Albert Brooks ‏cracked, “Breaking: James Comey clears Clinton in new investigation! Apparently he just wanted to see if he could make her lose.” And Adam Scott ‏noted, “FBI Director Comey says agency stands by decision to not pursue case against Clinton.”

Craig Ferguson joked, “Oh dear. Comey is in deep s**t. I haven’t seen this much rage on twitter since I tried to grow a mustache.” Kathy Griffin remarked, “NOW Comey announces FBI says THIS re emails? He’s all ‘um, never mind’ after throwing election in to chaos 4 nothing.” And Josh Malina suggested, “.@FBI I have a tip: s**tcan Comey.”

Henry Winkler expressed, “ALLthat for nothing …SHAME !!!!!!” Meanwhile, Barbra Streisand felt, “How convenient that Comey announces Hillary’s exoneration from an erroneous investigation after all the Sunday news shows have aired.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities react to Comey’s conclusion that Clinton did not seemingly commit any criminal acts.


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