Celebrities React: Elizabeth Warren Silenced By Senate

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Celebrities React Elizabeth Warren Silenced

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrities React Elizabeth Warren Silenced

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The Senate silenced Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday night, and many celebrities are now reacting on Twitter to the controversy. See Hollywood stars’ reactions below.

Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, was shut down by Republican senators while opposing the nomination of Jeff Sessions for attorney general. She read a letter written 30 years ago by Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, that criticized Sessions’ civil rights record. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell objected and argued that Warren had “impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague,” and she was forced to take her seat.

Many Democrats stood up for Warren, which led to such trending Twitter hashtags as “#LetLizSpeak” and “#ShePersisted.” Among those supporting the senator is Kerry Washington, who posted a screenshot of King’s full 1986 letter and added, “READ THIS. Tonight the GOP silenced @SenWarren AND Coretta Scott King. Below is the letter they don’t want you to hear.” Tracee Ellis Ross and Marlee Matlin posted the letter on their Twitter accounts as well.

Meanwhile, Sarah Silverman said, Rules made as they go to serve their agenda. It’s mob Ego. SAD!” Keith Olbermann wrote, “I think it’s important to recognize that McConnell’s censorship of Warren tonight is part of a Republican process to curtail democracy.” And George Takei offered, “The GOP suppressing free speech, silencing Warren tonight for reading Coretta Scott King’s criticism of Sessions. We need to shut down D.C.”

In regard to the Republican senators who silenced Warren, Amy Brenneman tweeted, “#f*ckthesemen.” Billy Eichner asked, “We all cool with this?” Alyssa Milano expressed, “I don’t understand. Why were other senators allowed to read this letter but Elizabeth Warren was silenced?” Arsenio Hall similarly pointed out, “Things that make you go HMMMMM! The MEN were permitted to read the Coretta Scott King letter! I’m just saying … (#ElizabethWarren).”

Paul Feig offered, “Women of the world, keep persisting. Strong men will hear you. Weak men will fear you. All will listen. Persist. Thank you, @SenWarren.” Michael Keaton exclaimed, “Go Elizabeth Warren go!” Connie Britton tweeted, “She persisted. #CorettaScottKing #LetLizSpeak.”

“‘Nevertheless, she persisted.’ So must we all. You go, girl,” wrote Stephen King. Busy Philipps commented, “I’m gonna need ‘nevertheless, she persisted.’ on multiple items of clothing, please. THANKS.” Samantha Ronson wrote, “‘Nevertheless, she persisted.’ #StillWithHer #IStandWithPP #letlizspeak #WomensMarch #CorettaScottKing #WeThePeople.”

Even Hillary Clinton tweeted, “‘She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.’ So must we all.” And on Instagram, Zachary Quinto gave one of the lengthiest responses, writing, “THEIR ATTEMPT TO SILENCE HER ONLY AMPLIFIES HER VOICE. once again i am inspired today by the truth and integrity and resolve of @elizabethwarrenma in the face of such blatant racism xenophobia homophobia sexism and fear mongering.”

He continued, “Her censure in the senate chamber further highlights the utter desperation of the old white men who are ruthlessly clinging to their stagnant and dangerous ideals. we are evolving beyond your hatred. we are rising above your smallness. she is a powerful embodiment of the unstoppable movement toward inclusion and equality. it is only a matter of time before truth and goodness prevail.”

UPDATE: Warren was on “The View” Wednesday morning to discuss the situation. Sessions was confirmed hours later

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