Celebrities React: Earth-Sized Planets Discovered

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Celebrities React Planets

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Planets


Celebrities are reacting to the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets. See reaction from Hollywood stars below!

On Wednesday, NASA announced the discovery of seven planets orbiting a star called TRAPPIST-1, which is 40 light years away. That’s actually relatively close to Earth, and astronomers say the planets resemble Earth in size. Scientists have also determined the planets, of which there could actually be more than seven, have a temperate climate, and therefore could have water surfaces and support life.

The news has a number of celebs quite excited. Seth MacFarlane, who is currently working on the outer-space dramedy “Orville,” tweeted, “Now we’re talking.” Chris Evans exclaimed, “This this this this!!!!!!!” Colin Hanks commented, “Very cool indeed

“Outlander” star Sam Heughan enthusiastically wrote, “Oh my!!!! Yes!!!!” William Shatner, who famously starred on “Star Trek,” confessed, “I’d be happy with any news @NASA makes about a discovery beyond our solar system except if they announce finding this.” He included a picture of a fictional evil planet. YouTuber Joey Graceffa remarked, “They say we won’t get to these planets in our lifetime… So Aliens feel free to pick me up on your way!”

“Take me to your leader. #becurious,” Dominic Monaghan said. Patton Oswalt amusingly told followers, “I call dibs on #3 thanks need a place to store my thimble collection. Evan Rachel Wood tweeted, “Um..Can EVERYONE talk about this, please!?” But Billy Eichner admitted, “Trying desperately to care about those new planets. Not quite there yet, will keep you posted.”

Seth Rogen cracked, “Predicted Breitbart headline: ‘We’re supposed to trust ‘scientists’ who couldn’t see SEVEN earth sized planets until now?'” Denis Leary joked, “NASA: We found a new solar system that could support alien life. WH: We’ll build a giant bubble and make the aliens pay for it. TRAPPIST-1.” Aaron Paul tweeted, “Well hello there #Trappist1. I love you so much already.”

Kumail Nanjiani said, “Good news: There are 7 newly discovered possibly hospitable planets. Bad news: Russia is already interfering in their elections.” And Albert Brooks also quipped, “NASA says seven new planets have been discovered that could contain life. Trump says that’s a lot of people to keep out.”

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