Celebrities React To Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Passing Senate

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Celebrities React Donald Trump Tax

By Holly Nicol |

Celebrities React Donald Trump Tax

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Celebrities are reacting to the Senate narrowly passing a sweeping tax overhaul just after midnight on Tuesday, putting president Donald Trump on the cusp of his first major legislative triumph. See Hollywood stars’ tweets below.

Early Wednesday morning, the Senate approved the biggest tax reform in more than 30 years. The Republican legislation passed the Senate along party lines, 51 to 48, with every Republican voting in its favor. Every House Democrat voted against the tax plan, with minority leader Nancy Pelosi calling the bill a “moral obscenity.” The $1.5 trillion tax cut plan, which is said to benefit the wealthiest Americans, will return to the House of Representatives later today, where it is expected to pass before being signed off by the president.

After the GOP tax plan was approved, Trump wrote on Twitter, “The United States Senate just passed the biggest in history Tax Cut and Reform Bill. Terrible Individual Mandate (ObamaCare) Repealed. Goes to the House tomorrow morning for final vote. If approved, there will be a News Conference at The White House at approximately 1:00 P.M.” Now, a number of stars are commenting on the sweeping tax bill. One celebrity joining the conversation is John Legend, who tweeted, “This bill is a con.”

Meanwhile, Judd Apatow wrote, “Did anyone really think that they were going to rewrite tax law and it wouldn’t benefit Donald Trump’s real estate empire? He told us in the debates he knew everything about taxes and loopholes and how to take advantage of it.” George Takei quipped, “The Senate is going to pass the tax bill tonight, right before electing by acclamation Senator Palpatine as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.” And Debra Messing expressed, “I’m going to vomit.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities react to Trump’s tax plan being approved by the senate.

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