Celebrities React To Donald Trump State Of The Union Address

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Donald Trump SOTU Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump SOTU Reaction


Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump’s State Of The Union address. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

This is Trump’s first time delivering the annual State of the Union address. Per protocol, he did not technically give such a speech last year, as he was only just inaugurated into office. Rather, as Gossip Cop reported at the time, President Trump gave his first address to Congress. In essence, the concept is the same: He stands before the government and speaks about the current state of affairs while looking to the future.

Just like last time, a number of celebrities tweeted their reactions to Trump’s speech in real time. In fact, several stars started posting comments on Twitter long before the address began. And rather than tuning in for the televised remarks, Josh Gad revealed, “Tonight at 9 PM EST, I will be watching All the President’s Men.” Rose McGowan, whose new documentary “Citizen Rose” was premiering on E!, also encouraged others not to watch, prompting Jessica Chastain to tweet, “Please #WatchRoseNotTrump today and make visible the once ignored. Sunshine is the best antiseptic.”

Patton Oswalt offered, “#SOTU predictions: 1. Trump mentions Jay-Z. 2. Trump promotes the XFL. 3. Stephen Miller vomits 2,000 blowflies, each with a semi-articulate human head.” Josh Groban also predicted, “‘The State Of The Union is bigly.’ (cheers from exactly half the floor)” Jim Carrey shared a sketch he drew of Abraham Lincoln crying, with the caption, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” #StateOfTheUnion.” Mocking both the president’s marriage and a typo on the event’s tickets, Arsenio Hall posted, “Remember Morse code?! I’m hoping that our #FirstLady knows it, and can blink the words … ‘HELP ME’ tonight, if she needs us. Hang in there #Melania! State Of The #UNIOM.”

And minutes before Trump made his entrance, Billy Eichner bluntly wrote, “Here’s my fun tweet about the #SOTU: the President is a lying, incompetent, racist, misogynistic sack of [expletive]. Please register to VOTE in the Midterms on Nov 6th.” Jedediah Bila asked, “Should I troll the #SOTU with sarcastic, inappropriate comments?” George Takei said, “I’m not watching some frothing orange gorilla read off a teleprompter. I’ve got better things to do, like alphabetize my spice cabinet. #StateOfTheDream.” Mark Ruffalo remarked, “We stand with working people, not Wall Street. We need an infrastructure plan to create millions of jobs, not corporate wealth. #TrumpSellsOut #SOTU.”

After Trump referenced last year’s natural disasters, Rosie Perez pointed out, “#PuertoRico is still suffering… #SOTU2018 #Trump #HurricaneMaria.” The “Late Night With Seth Meyers” account posted, “Trump asking for unity now is like an Uber driver asking for a 5-Star rating after he’s already crashed into a telephone pole. #SOTU.” In response to one of the president’s lines, Andy Cohen lamented, “Religious Liberty = it’s ok to hate gay people.” Albert Brooks cracked, “When does he thank Russia?”

“I already know the state of the union-ain’t good. Was pretty damn good about a year and a half ago,” tweeted Michael Keaton. Joking about how enthusiastically Trump spoke about a guest, Brooklyn Decker wrote, “I honestly thought CJ was about to win a cruise.” Elizabeth Banks admitted, “I tried. I listened but the amount of BS and stunts and questions raised that will never be answered made me throw my remote and now I am listening to Tom Petty and am a better American for it. #SOTU.” In a nod to all the times Trump clapped at his own statements, Jeffrey Wright wondered, “How many times will he applaud himself?”

Whoopi Goldberg said, “No mention of Niger or of Sgt LaDavid Johnson, no mention of those Soldiers. Why not.. just asking.” Alyssa Milano posted, “What you didn’t hear Trump mention in the #SOTU: his proposed cuts to health care, housing and food assistance disproportionately harm communities of color #HandsOff #StateOfTheDream.” Not offering an opinion, Katie Couric simply asked her followers, “Are you watching the #stateoftheunion? Thoughts?”

Trump did receive props from Chuck Woolery. The former TV host tweeted, “A great speech filled with new hope and prosperity for all Americans. No matter what color, creed or religion. Just as it should be.” And Donald Trump Jr. declared, “Nailed it!!! #sotu #sotu2018.”

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