Celebrities React: Donald Trump “So-Called Judge” Tweet From “So-Called President”

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Celebrities React Donald Trump Judge

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Donald Trump Judge

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump’s “so-called judge” tweet by calling him the “so-called president.” See tweets from Hollywood stars below.

On Friday night, James Robart, a federal judge in Seattle, temporarily halted President Trump’s executive action on immigration and refugees. On Saturday morning, Trump lashed out over his travel ban getting blocked. In one tweet he wrote, “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

Ever since, “so-called judge” and “so-called president” have been trending topics on Twitter as people react to Trump’s remark. And among those weighing in are celebs. Amanda Seyfried, for instance, tweeted, “Please Mister ‘so called’ President- please for the sake of humanity please grow up. Please.”

“The tweets of this so-called president are ridiculous and will be overused,” wrote George Takei. He also mockingly posted, “Trump: That so-called WA judge? Fire him. Staff: Sir, judges can’t be fired. Trump: Says who? Staff: The Constitution. Trump: Never read it.”

Replying directly to Trump, Holly Marie Combs said, “Did you say ‘so called judge’? This coming from a so called president? #StopPresidentBannon.” Judd Apatow commented, “Right now Trump is having a meeting trying to figure out how he can fire all of these judges and Federal attorneys. Would GOP even stop him?” Jeffrey Wright observed, “‘So-called judge.’ Guy’s got a thing about judges. Wonder why.”

Lily Allen retweeted a political scientist, who noted, “Trump opens the door for calling him America’s so-called president. Seems like a bad idea.” Ben Stiller shared a tweet from Evan McMullin, who said, “Disagreeing with a court decision is fine, but undermining the legitimacy of a judge and the Judiciary Branch is a threat to the Republic.” McMullin ran in the 2016 presidential election as an independent candidate.

Stiller himself also tweeted, “Hard to believe this is from the President of the United States of America. ‘so-called judge.’ What is happening?” Josh Gad said of Trump’s rant “This is what a lunatic looks like. Just in case you don’t have a dictionary nearby to define the term.” And Sophia Bush reposted an “@LOLGOP” tweet that read, “Maybe a guy who just had to settle a fraud suit for $25 million isn’t a great judge of how the law works?”

In contrast, Chuck Woolery praised, “The Great thing about Trump, it seems he doesn’t care about Democrat or Republican. He cares about what works. Refreshing.” And Scott Baio asked, “Liberals, what is your obsession with making our country UNsafe?”

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