Celebrities React: Donald Trump Settles Trump University Lawsuits For $25 Million

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Donald Trump University Settlement

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump University Settlement

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump settling his Trump University lawsuits for $25 million. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

On Friday, it was announced Trump and the New York Attorney General’s Office agreed to a $25 million settlement over claims the president-elect operated a fraudulent school in violation of state education laws. Trump previously refused to settle the cases, but now more than 6,000 victims will receive restitution. Naturally, many are now sounding off on Twitter about this latest development involving the future president.

George Takei sent out several tweets on the subject, writing, “Trump is settling fraud charges from Trump Univ for $25 mil just 10 days before trial. Now he only has to deal with the fraud on the nation.” He said in another, “He settled the Trump University case for $25mil today. But his conning of America continues full steam ahead.” And the actor wrote in a third, “Trump just laid out $25mil to make the Trump Univ lawsuit go away. How about we do a gofundme for America and buy his orange ass out?”

Albert Brooks pointed out, “Trump said he would never settle Trump University suit out of principle! Today he paid 25 million. Buh bye principle.” Star Jones also highlighted Trump’s previous comments, saying, “And there you have it… ‘crow’ tastes better when it’s eaten hot. So #crooked has a new face and your name is Trump.” Trevor Donovan argued, “It kinda makes sense to settle since we’re all enrolled in Trump University now.” Dennis Leary quipped, “Seriously regretting my decision to drop out of Trump University during freshman year.”

“Sh*t, now all those Trump University football players gotta transfer???!” cracked George Wallace. Sophia Bush retweeted attorney Lisa Bloom, who had posted, “Here’s what a $25 million settlement means: TRUMP COMMITTED MASSIVE, LARGE SCALE FRAUD. No other interpretation.” Andy Lassner noted, “24,967,000. How much more the Trump University payout number is than the number of emails Hillary deleted. Fun with math.”

And Rosie O’Donnell, a frequent Trump critic, observed, “rape – fraud – no biggie … this is the darkness itself.” Trump himself has not commented.


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