Celebrities React: Donald Trump Retweets Train Killing CNN Reporter Meme

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Donald Trump Train Meme Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Train Meme Reaction

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Celebrities are reacting on Tuesday after Donald Trump retweeted a meme of a train killing a CNN reporter. See the controversial photo and Twitter reaction from stars below.

On Tuesday morning, the controversial meme was posted on Twitter by a user with the handle @SLandinSoCal, who tagged Trump in the post. The image shows a train named “Trump” hitting a person with the CNN logo superimposed over its face. The caption reads, “Fake news can’t stop the Trump Train.” The Twitter user similarly wrote in the tweet, “Nothing can stop the #TrumpTrain!!”

Trump himself retweeted the posting, and it remained on his feed for approximately 15 minutes before being un-retweeted. The White House has since said the retweet was done “inadvertently,” and “immediately deleted” when noticed. A retweet on the president’s feed that called him a fascist was also deleted, giving credence to the explanation that the postings really were just accidental. That said, late Monday night, Trump also retweeted a post from Jack Posobiec, the alt-right conspiracy theorist responsible for “Pizzagate,” which falsely tied Hillary Clinton to a non-existent sex trafficking ring.

That tweet, in which Posobiec suggested the media is being hypocritical by supposedly not covering last weekend’s shootings in Chicago, remains on Trump’s feed. Many on Twitter have since ripped the president for that post, as well as for sharing the train meme just days after a woman was killed after being hit by a car driven by an alleged Nazi at the Charlottesville protests. In response to Trump tweeting the meme, Alyssa Milano wrote, “#25thAmendmentNow.” Christina Applegate simply said “horrifying.”

“2Words Can Stop The Trump Train ‘THE TRUTH,'” tweeted Cher. Chelsea Clinton commented, “When a comedian mimicked killing the President, I said that it was vile & wrong. This, Mr. President, is also vile & wrong. She apologized-?” Julianne Moore, Katie Couric and Pamela Anderson also shared news stories about Trump’s meme retweet, while Judd Apatow wrote, “Perfect moment for Trump to joke about people getting run over. F*ck Trump. He is a racist, evil person. He has fully revealed himself.” And in relation to Trump retweeting Posobiec’s post, Apatow asked, “Does he read tweets? Who chooses who he follows? Or do other people have access to retweet for him?”

The train meme also calls to mind the controversial video Trump shared of himself wrestling a man with the CNN logo last month. In this case, the aforementioned poster of the train image is insisting it’s being interpreted incorrectly. @SLandinSoCal posted in response to the controversy the photo sparked, “MSM depicted my meme as showing the TrumpTrain ‘running over’ a reporter. #FakeNews!! The reporter is trying to stop it- feet popping ties.” Check out the image below and decide for yourself.

Trump Train Meme


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