Celebrities React: Donald Trump Press Conference

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Celebrities React Donald Trump Press Conference

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Donald Trump Press Conference

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump’s press conference on Wednesday. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump gave his first press conference as the president-elect at Trump Tower. It was not only his first such meeting with the press since he won the election, but also his first press conference in more than 160 days. During his brief remarks and Q&A session with the media, the incoming president discussed creating jobs and growing certain industries. He also called the allegations published by BuzzFeed about him “fake news” and “crap.” Trump further talked about the Russia hacking and Putin, and said the upcoming inauguration will be “beautiful.”

As the press conference took place, Jason Biggs mocked Trump’s pronunciation of “industry” by tweeting, “in-DUH-stree LOL.” Andy Cohen wrote, “so the tactic is just to blame the media for everything?” He later expressed, “Trump is brilliant deflector. Answers not one question.” Cohen also urged, “RELEASE YOUR TAX RETURNS.” Sarah Silverman argued, “He wants us to know he is vindictive & it’s working well4 him. Astonishing the people who r known 4 speaking out NOT speaking out. Crushing.”

“This chump can’t even talk,” offered Lily Allen. She also tweeted, “every time he says ‘friend of mine, great guy’ you know that person is evil personified.” Referencing how, technically speaking, a president is except from conflicts of interests, but Trump will still remove himself from his businesses, Judd Apatow cracked, “He could also still run Trump Steaks, bankrupt a casino and an airline while while ripping off students and not pay his contractors.” He also asked, “Why doesn’t the IRS just say they the audit is over? #endtheaudit.”

With Trump seemingly still in campaign mode, Trevor Noah joked, “I think Trump is gonna beat Hillary.” Josh Gad commented, “If Obama’s farewell last night was a classical symphony, Trump’s press conference is a 4 year-old band exclusively covering Sanjaya Malakar.” Jeffrey Wright remarked, “Yesterday, #ObamaFarewell. Today, vomit.” And Stephen Amell said, “I’m more interested in a detailed account of who in the room was cheering during the press conference. That was stunning.”

Mocking the untrue allegations that Trump engaged in “golden showers” with women in Russia and his insistence that he’s a “germaphobe,” Brooklyn Decker noted, “Urine is sterile.” Will Arnett declared, “We are truly in the golden age of irony.” Yvette Nicole Brown said, “This is sad, even he doesn’t believe what he’s saying. Perhaps he knows his goose is cooked. The truth WILL come out. #FlimFlamMan.”

Zach Braff simply pointed out, “4 years.” Christina Applegate sarcastically asked, “Sooooooo what did I miss this morning, folks?” Patton Oswalt insisted, “And just like that, Trump isn’t funny anymore. That press conference was…terrifying. We’re f*cked. Go be with your families. Hoard food.” Sophia Bush posted, “Our President Elect just ended a press conference with a reality tv show catchphrase. God help us all. #Resist.”

George Lopez wrote, “When people refer to themselves in the 3rd people like @realdonaldtrump does , all 3 of you sound like assholes #pelosmelapela.” Jesse Tyler Ferguson observed, “This trump press conference feel more like a mandatory school assembly than a press conference. Now Mrs Dillon will talk about businesses.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this press conference as long as I’ve been alive. We are in dark waters,” tweeted Seth MacFarlane. And when it ended, Stephen King stated, “Goodness, that was a train wreck.” Josh Groban also wrote, “Welp, sounds like Trump’s press conference was mature and dignified and calmed the nerves of a unified and grateful nation. NOT!”

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