Celebrities React: Donald Trump Press Conference Speech Bashing Media, Bragging About Administration

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Celebrities React Donald Trump Press Conference Speech

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Donald Trump Press Conference Speech

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Celebrities are reacting to the speech Donald Trump gave during a press conference on Thursday, in which he criticized the state of America, bashed the media, and touted the work of his administration. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

Trump’s press conference at the White House was originally billed as a media briefing on his new labor secretary. But after naming Alexander Acosta as his new nominee, replacing the controversial Andrew Puzder, the president gave a wide-ranging speech. He touted his electoral college victory, insisted he’s “inherited a mess,” and bragged about his administration’s accomplishments.

“There’s never been a presidency that’s done so much in such a short period of time, and we haven’t started the big work,” Trump insisted. After his prepared remarks, the president took questions, the first of which was on former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Despite asking for his resignation, Trump insisted Flynn did “nothing wrong” with Russia, and called all the reports linking his campaign and administration to the U.S. enemy “fake news.”

As the Q&A continued, Trump went on various tangents, at one point saying, “I’m not a bad person.” He decried the supposed tone of “hatred,” and insisted he wasn’t “ranting and raving.” The president also name-checked Hillary Clinton several times. And while this all unfolded, a number of stars live-tweeted their reactions in real-time.

“Is….is anyone watching this?” Josh Groban tweeted with a frowning emoji. He went on, “I mean. Unhinged. This isn’t politics. This isn’t red and blue. This is reality and insanity. Both sides of the aisle, please protect us. I can’t laugh about him anymore. It just isn’t funny. I feel genuinely scared about his confusion and egomania. We are in a tailspin.”

Billy Eichner exclaimed, “This speech MY GOD.” He also quoted Trump as saying during the press conference, “‘I was given that information…I don’t know…I think I’ve seen it somewhere’ -The President of the United States.” After Trump slammed government leaks but then said he didn’t have a problem with WikiLeaks, Rainn Wilson posted, “Leaks = BAD!!! WikiLeaks = GOOD!!!”

Samantha Ronson said, “No matter how many times you say otherwise, you lost the popular vote. LOST. LOST. 3 million. #stoplying #notmypresident.” She also retweeted a freelance writer, who observed, “Trump called himself the least racist person then assumed a random black reporter could set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus.” Referring to the crazed Sunset Boulevard character, Ike Barinholtz declared, “Trump’s delusion level is Norma Desmond.” Sharing a gif of Bill Murray shaking his head, Josh Gad quoted Trump saying, “The leaks are real but the news is fake.”

“Not watching Trump presser but if I were just going off my twitter feed, it would appear that Danny DeVito in Cuckoo’s nest is our President,” Gad also wrote. In response to when the President said, “I’m not ranting and raving, I’m just telling you, you’re dishonest people,” Eliza Dushku tweeted, “#facepalm.” John Fugelsang wrote, “If the Russia scandal gets any bigger Donald Trump promises a swift response of blaming Hillary & mocking CNN’s ratings.”

Sky Ferreira retweeted a New York critic, who posted, “‘I haven’t spoken to anyone in Russia in years… I spoke to Putin twice after the election’ I’m screaming.” Debra Messing also retweeted a former congressional candidate, who wrote, “THE. ROLL. OUT. WAS. PERFECT. He said that about the #MuslimBan with a straight face.” Kathy Griffin noted, “If ur looking for something to do, our ‘precedent’ is having a full meltdown on tv right now. #TrumpNewsConference.”

Sophia Bush shared this from an MSNBC reporter: “Trump refuses to directly answer question on whether anyone in campaign had contact with Russia, only says ‘nobody that I know of.'” Christina Applegate simply wrote, “Cray.” Alec Baldwin remarked, “This guy is so wired in front of the press. Like he’s gonna blow a rod. Imagine what he’s like behind closed doors…”

After someone else noted, “A Jewish reporter asked about rising anti-Semitism, and Trump called him a liar, told him to stop talking, and didn’t answer the question,” Chelsea Clinton wrote, “One would think he would have thought of an answer since yesterday. Here’s one: There’s no place for any bigotry, ever, in America.” She was referring to Wednesday’s press conference with Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, during which Trump was asked about anti-semitism, but gave a non-answer.

“At all times, it feels like we’re just moments away from trump shouting, ‘WHY IS EVERYONE BEING SO MEAN TO ME,'” tweeted Tyler Oakley. Katie Couric asked her followers, “If you’re watching @realDonaldTrump press conference please tweet me your thoughts.” And J.K. Rowling admitted, “Up until an hour ago, the scariest thing I’d ever watched was Psycho. #TrumpPresser.

Minnie Driver shared an exchange in which Trump downplayed giving out misinformation, and wrote, “Ok, this is from the #45 press conference that JUST happened. Fake news? You know what isn’t fake? The fact that he lies.” Scott Foley expressed with disappointment, “This. Is. our. President. We chose him. Yes, we.” Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted, “Did he just ask #AprilRyan if the Congressional Black Caucus are friends of hers? Because we ALL know each other (& look alike) amirite?”

“What’s happening?” wrote Ben Stiller. Star Jones pointed out, “Trump says he had the largest EC victory since Reagan. LOL. Only if you don’t count 5 of the 7 last elections.” Meanwhile, Piers Morgan said, “Memo to my ‘outraged’ media friends: Trump has no interest in being your idea of ‘presidential’. He won by doing it his unique (!) way.”

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