Celebrities React: Donald Trump New Immigration Muslim Ban

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Celebrities React Trump New Immigration Ban

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Trump New Immigration Ban

(Sean Spicer/Twitter)

Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump’s new immigration executive order and the so-called “Muslim ban.” See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

On Monday, President Trump signed a new executive action restricting immigration from six Muslim-majority countries. They are the same nations that were affected in January’s first order, except for Iraq, which is now exempt from the ruling. The new policy, which goes into effect in 10 days, now bans Syrian refugees for 120 days, instead of indefinitely, and does not affect those with visas.

But despite the appearance of some concessions, a number of celebs are still taking issue with Trump’s actions. George Takei, for instance, fired off a number of tweets criticizing the new order. “Trump’s ‘new’ travel ban still excludes countries where he does business like Saudi Arabia and UAE — which actually sent the 9/11 terrorists,” he wrote.

Takei went on, “Trump’s ‘new’ travel ban takes effect in 10 days even though the last one had to start IMMEDIATELY because we were in SUCH DANGER. #MoreLies.” He also argued, “Trump only issued a ‘new’ travel ban because he can’t stand that he lost on the old one. This is about his ego, not about our security.”

Chelsea Clinton also took note of Trump going against his previous insistence that these bans take effect immediately, rhetorically asking, “Does anyone expect consistency at this point?” Rosie O’Donnell continued to object to the order seemingly being based on religion, now tweeting, “The intent of the EO is for a ‘Muslim Ban.’ This violates the Establishment Clause of 1st Amendment There’s just no way around that #noBAN.”

Kumail Nanjiani commented, “Oh look, another travel ban. If the first movie is a massive flop, there usually isn’t a sequel right away. There’s no Waterworld 2.” Meanwhile, Patton Oswalt called on the mayor of Los Angeles to declare a sanctuary city, writing, “Dear @ericgarcetti: I’ve been a supporter, but you will lose me (and a LOT of others) if you don’t change this IMMEDIATELY. Please?”

“House Of Cards” creator Beau Willimon observed, “A #MuslimBan is still a #MuslimBan. Revision doesn’t change that. And its signing is timed to distract from Russia.” He went on to say, “The promise was a ‘total & complete shut-down of Muslims entering the country.’ This is either a #MuslimBan or broken promise. Pick one, WH.”

Alyssa Milano also highlighted the war veteran who is now fighting deportation. “This is one of the many reasons people don’t like you, @realDonaldTrump. Just a small FYI,” she remarked. And Pamela Anderson retweeted the ACLU, which posted, “The new Muslim ban is still a Muslim ban. #MuslimBan2.”

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