Celebrities React: Donald Trump, Netanyahu Press Conference

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Celebrities React Trump Netanyahu

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Trump Netanyahu

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump’s press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday. Check out Hollywood stars’ reaction tweets below.

The U.S. president and the prime minister of Israel jointly faced the media inside the White House, with both leaders affirming the two countries will remain allies. But, in a break with past U.S. policy, Trump did not insist on a two-state solution to the Palestinian conflict. He also once again only called on reporters from conservative outlets and dodged answering questions directly.

In one instance, Trump was asked about alleged anti-Semitism within his administration. He responded by touting his electoral college victory, pointing out that he has Jewish friends and family members (daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who were in the front row), and insisting “you’re going to see a lot of love” during his presidency. That exchange led Ewan McGregor to tweet, “Extraordinary! Where is the F*cking Love your [sic] talking about T? Mindless answer!”

“Also #askingformyfamily & ALL Americans. Condemning anti-semitism & any bigotry should be pretty straightforward- so why no straight answer?” asked Chelsea Clinton. With a reference to Trump’s past, Judd Apatow said of the president not denouncing anti-Semitism, “Trump is a racist landlord. Always will be.”

In response to the same issue, Don Cheadle tweeted, “Huh?!” And, on the president only taking questions from right-leaning publications, the actor asked, “Autocrat much…?” In regards to Trump’s vague answer on a two-state solution (“I’m looking at two-state, one-state, whichever the two parties like”), Patton Oswalt sarcastically remarked, “A bold, confident statesman.”

Meanwhile, Andy Lassner said, “Press isn’t going away because you don’t take their questions. Neither is the CIA because you trash them. In fact, you’re so f*cked, Trump.” And, since the president wasn’t directly asked about the ongoing Russia scandal, John Fugelsang wrote, “If you’re one of the journalists that Trump felt safe allowing questions from today congrats on convincing him you’re not a real journalist.”

Debra Messing shared a news story on CNN’s Jim Acosta saying “the fix is in” with Trump’s chosen journalists, and retweeted TV writer Dean Lopata, who posted, “.@realDonaldTrump is a coward. #Treason #Recall #LockHimUp.” Billy Eichner also retweeted a Boston Globe reporter, who noted, “Kudos to @Acosta, who shouted out a clearly heard question about Russian contacts with his campaign. Trump ignored it. At least it was asked.”

Trump did, though, address former national security advisor Michael Flynn, blaming his departure from the administration on the media treating him “unfairly.” That prompted Brie Larson to share this observation from a Washington Post blogger: “This is absolutely bonkers. He’s talking about a man he (supposedly) fired for misconduct.” And Chelsea Handler joked, “Trump says Mike Flynn is a wonderful man with beautiful skin, strong arms, and eyes you can get lost in.”

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