Celebrities React: Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau Press Conference

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Celebrities React Trump Trudeau

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Trump Trudeau

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump’s press conference with Justin Trudeau. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump and Trudeau held a joint press conference before the media at the White House on Monday. In introductory remarks, the president and prime minister reaffirmed the alliance between the nations, with Trump calling Canada a “great friend, neighbor, and ally.” They vowed to “keep everyone safe,” improve North American trade, and tackle the war on opioids.

The leaders further championed “bridges of prosperity,” and spoke of improving female roles in the workplace. But during the Q&A portion, it was clear Trump and Trudeau still disagree on immigration issues, open borders, and Syrian refugees. And, interestingly, neither was asked about other hot-button issues, like Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In fact, Seth Rogen tweeted a picture of Putin with the pretend quote, “‘Did they ask about us?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘Whew!'” Rosie Perez also observed, “With all due respect, @JustinTrudeau’s dignified & well informed performance makes #Trump look like.. Well, #Smh #DeepHeavySigh #EnoughSaid.”

Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano found herself taken in by Trudeau’s looks. “Dear lord, Trudeau is so hot,” she wrote during the presser, a tweet that was “liked” by Jenna Fischer. Milano then shared a gif showing her fanning herself, joking, “Me watching Trudeau translate himself into French.” Samantha Bee’s show “Full Frontal” also posted, “Sending Trudeau to stand attractively next to Trump while speaking French is actually the closest thing Canada has to saying ‘f*ck you.'”

Before facing the press, Trump greeted Trudeau upon the prime minister’s arrival at the White House. Cameras, of course, captured the moment, including their handshake. Much has been said on social media about the president seemingly aggressively pulling people toward him while shaking hands, a move that didn’t happen with Trudeau. That led Tom Bergeron to declare, “O Canada! You Stilled the Spastic Hand!”

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