Celebrities React: Donald Trump Jr. Russia Email Released

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Donald Trump Jr email

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Jr email

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Celebrities are reacting on Tuesday after Donald Trump Jr. released his email about meeting with a Russian lawyer during the presidential election. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

As Gossip Cop reported, it was recently revealed Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign in hopes of getting information on Hillary Clinton. On Monday, it was reported that there was even a related email exchange indicating the Russian government wanted to aid the Trump campaign. Now on Tuesday, the First Son posted copies the correspondence on Twitter.

He reportedly only did so shortly before The New York Times, which broke the news of the meeting, planned to disclose the email’s contents. The electronic documents seem to indicate that Trump Jr. was told that a Russian lawyer affiliated with the government had incriminating information on Clinton. He replied, “I love it.” Many celebs on social media are now taking that as evidence of collusion, and arguing that Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner are culpable, too, because they were included in the email chain and went to the meeting.

Star Jones, who supported Clinton during the election, fired off a number of tweets in the wake of Trump Jr.’s postings. “‘What about those emails” has taken on a whole ‘nother definition. Someone is going to do 18 months. They don’t have hair gel in the pokey,” she wrote in one tweet, adding, “Don Don wants credit for shooting himself with the smoking gun before the @nytimes showed it to the world. #LockHimUp.” She further pointed out, “We know that @DonaldJTrumpJr was conspiring with a foreign gov to influence our US elections. We NOW know that Manafort & Kushner knew.”

As for why Trump Jr. released the documents, Don Cheadle said, “That’s what liars do when they’re about to get outted; ‘Baby, listen, you’re about to get a text from a ‘Ratchet Rachel… LET ME FINISH!!'” Patton Oswalt wrote back to Trump Jr., “Thank you for this. It’s very honest of you to…hmm. Hang on. Hmm. Uh, yeah. This totally confirms the @nytimes piece. Huh. Wow. Okay…” And Rosie O’Donnell replied to him, “willing to work with a foreign government to get illegally obtained information RUSSIA no less – to help daddy win. god u are a d*ck junior.”

“Fredo needs a better lawyer,” Zach Braff posted, referring to the character from The Godfather. Tom Bergeron declared, “Fire, meet Inferno.” George Takei commented, “Well, well, well. What an awkward, damning paper trail you have left, Donald, Jr.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus retweeted editor and author Jim Newton, who said, “If Russian government says it can smear a presidential candidate and your response is ‘I love it,’ and agree to meet, that’s collusion.”

Cracked Stephen Colbert, “I know these @DonaldJTrumpJr emails look bad, but they also sound bad and are bad!” Chelsea Handler quipped, “Don Jr. has been accused of colluding with Russians. To defend himself he released the emails proving it.” Rejecting the notion that Trump Sr. was unaware of these doings, Judd Apatow rhetorically asked, “You think he sends his son to do anything he doesn’t know about? Have you seen The Apprentice?” Andy Richter went as far as saying, “If our ‘CEO’ president & his family f*cked up like this in the corporate world he would have been fired in February.”

And Jedediah Bila retweeted Josh Barro, an editor and commentator, who posted, “If someone said offhand ‘this is part of Russian gov efforts to help you’ & you were unaware of such efforts wouldnt you say ‘the what now?'” That sentiment was similar to one Bila herself expressed during “The View” discussion about Trump Jr.’s email. And like Braff, “The View” has also nicknamed the First Son “Fredo.”

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