Celebrities React: Donald Trump Attacks John Lewis

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Donald Trump John Lewis Tweets

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump John Lewis Tweets

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Celebrities are reacting after Donald Trump attacked Rep. John Lewis for calling his presidency illegitimate. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

In an interview earlier this week, Lewis told NBC’s Chuck Todd, “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president.” On Saturday morning, Trump fired back with two tweets ripping the revered politician. “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk – no action or results,” he wrote, adding, “Sad!”

Lewis, of course, is a civil rights hero, and his Atlanta district is not actually “falling apart.” Now some celebs on Twitter are slamming Trump for the comments. “Donald ‘bone spurs’ Trump could use some lessons in courage and action from John Lewis,” wrote John Legend.

Rosie Perez tweeted, “Jeez. What is happening to respect & decency in USA?! @repjohnlewis does deserve better even if you disagree with his #Opinion. #CivilRights.” Michael Ian Black commented, “While it was predictable to imagine Trump criticizing John Lewis, it’s impossible to imagine him risking his life for the rights of others.” Patton Oswalt posted, “John Lewis (who has faced down attack dogs, beatings, fire hoses & death): Somebody help. An orange windsock is Tweeting at me. Eek. Yawn.”

Judd Apatow retweeted a number of messages about the issue, including journalist Ryan Lizza, who pointed out, “Trump, 1965: applying for student deferments to stay out of Vietnam. Lewis, 1965: having head split open by police while leading Selma march.” Sophia Bush also retweeted writer Stephen Wolf, who noted, “On Martin Luther King Day weekend, our next president is slandering a civil rights hero who nearly died while marching with MLK at Selma.”

“DT attacks gold star family, the disabled, intelligence community, press, war hero John McCain, civ.rights hero John Lewis. DT is not a POTUS,” argued Rob Reiner. George Takei remarked, “Trump is feuding with many beloved and towering icons–John Lewis, Meryl Streep… How long before EVERYONE concludes he’s the problem?” And Keith Olbermann even said, “Seriously: this racist, moronic insult from the psychopath @realDonaldTrump must be met with a formal Democratic boycott of the inauguration.”

Gabrielle Union simply wrote on Twitter, “#IStandWithJohnLewis.” Jesse Tyler Ferguson also said, Nothing is more of a sure thing than a @realDonaldTrump tweet ending with the word ‘sad.’ Nothing.” Jane Lynch posted, “This guy, all talk no action?? @repjohnlewis? Huh.” Stephen Colbert also said, “Attn:@realDonaldTrump @repjohnlewis is my friend, and yours, whoever you are, whether you agree with him or not. #Leadwithlove #goodtrouble.”

Josh Gad expressed, “.@repjohnlewis Thank you for all of your “talk.” Unlike other elected leaders you also walk the walk. You are a hero.” But in contrast, Piers Morgan tweeted, “John Lewis trashes Trump as illegitimate president, so Trump has a pop back… but only Trump is the villain? Am I missing something?” Tom Arnold responded, “Where do I start? A brain. A spleen. Trump trashed Obamas legitimately for 5 years. Read up on Karma, MLK, Selma & Draft Dodging DJT.”

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