Celebrities React: Donald Trump Says “Hamilton” Cast Should Apologize To Mike Pence

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Donald Trump Hamilton Mike Pence

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Hamilton Mike Pence

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump demanding the Hamilton cast apologize to Mike Pence. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

The vice president-elect attended a Friday night showing of the hit Broadway musical, where fellow audience members booed him. Following the end of the production, actor Brandon Victor Dixon made a speech directed at Pence on behalf of the whole cast. In it, he thanked Pence for coming, but expressed their concern that the administration with Trump will not protect the diversity and American values that the show represents.

By Saturday morning, “#BoycottHamilton” had become the top trending topic on Twitter, where Trump-Pence supporters slammed what they saw as a lack of civility towards the incoming vice president. And Trump himself shared the same view. He tweeted, “Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing. This should not happen!”

He went on in a second tweet, “The Theater must always be a safe and special place. The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!” Now stars are responding to Trump’s remarks, and weighing in on how the Hamilton stars handled the situation. Bryan Cranston tweeted, “#hamiltonmusical cast spoke to the VP elect eloquently, respectfully, and from the heart. @realDonaldTrump obviously you didn’t see the tape.”

Ron Howard asked the president-elect, “Have you read the very respectful words the cast directed toward Mr. Pence? Is that harassment or freedom of speech?” Seth MacFarlane replied, “I can’t be silent on this. I watched the video. The cast was respectful and honest. Quit whining, grow a spine, and suck it up, kid.” He went on to crack, “Dude, you would HATE Rocky Horror.” Marlon Wayans said, “I thought what the cast of @HamiltonMusical said to our new VP was respectful inclusive and classy. I don’t see the ‘harassment.'” And Arsenio Hall argued, “Set an example for the young American actors @realDonaldTrump … You should apologize to the Central Park 5, first!”

Paul Wesley pointed out, “This is a tweet from the president elect who is upset by a moving speech made at the theater. He is attempting to silence free speech.” Keith Olbermann wrote, “Tweets raging against ‘Hamilton’ cast? Demonizing critics? STOP PRETENDING TRUMP IS SANE.” Alec Baldwin said, “Pence ‘harassed,’ says Trump. All dissent is harassment to him. Maybe even criminal. 2020 is coming.” Billy Eichner commented, “Harassed with cameras blazing is not what happened at Hamilton, that’s a show I like to call Billy on the Street.”

“Trump tweeted that Pence was ‘harassed’ by the ‘very rude’ cast of Hamilton when they read this statement. Ask yourself if that’s true,” George Takei said to his followers. Rosie O’Donnell also wrote back to Trump, “APOLOGIZE – THATS RICH – COMING FROM YOU.” Dixon himself also responded to Trump, “Conversation is not harassment sir. And I appreciate @mike_pence for stopping to listen.” Chelsea Handler wrote, “Can the president elect denounce all the terrible racism and hatred that is being seen throughout the country? Act like a president?”

Beth Behrs similarly said, “Hey #Trump. You call the greatest American musical cast of our generation ‘harassers’ but you haven’t spoken out about ONE HATE CRIME!” Pink remarked, “Donald Trump has asked someone to apologize for being rude. Always good to start your Saturday off with a laugh.” And Brooklyn Decker even said, “Someone please take away his twitter. It’s time.”

When Newt Gingrich tweeted, “The arrogance and hostility of the Hamilton cast to the Vice President elect (a guest at the theater) is a reminder the left still fights,” Don Cheadle responded, “1) The audience booed, not the cast. 2) Brandon (cast) told them NOT to boo. Addressed VP as, ‘sir.’ Nice spin, though. Way to gin it up.” Other stars also suggested Trump was tweeting about Hamilton to distract from other things, like his $25 million Trump University settlement.

Meanwhile, in response to the speech, Star Jones tweeted, “Yassss! #Hamilton cast gave true meaning to #notthrowingawaymyshot. Bravo!” Former cast member Daveed Diggs, who won a Tony for his role in the musical, wrote, “Very proud of @BrandonVDixon and of the @HamiltonMusical cast.” Tony-winning creator Lin-Manuel Miranda also posted, “Proud of @HamiltonMusical. Proud of @BrandonVDixon, for leading with love. And proud to remind you that ALL are welcome at the theater.”

Josh Gad said, “This is truly the most incredible message I have seen since Election Day. Spread this far and wide. @HamiltonMusical Thank you.” He also offered, “Just putting this out there. Since, Pence is now an eager theater beaver, I will happily buy him 2 tickets to Book of Mormon. And let me raise the offer Mr. Pence, I will literally come back and reprise Elder Cunningham if you go.”

Gad also later posted a lengthy statement explaining why, in his opinion, Trump and Pence’s behavior and views have warranted such a strong reaction. Piers Morgan, however, argued, “I support Hamilton audience & cast’s right to boo/lecture Mike Pence. I’d also remind them Hillary & Obama both opposed gay marriage too.” Still, Tyler Oakley said, “mike pence saw hamilton tonight, he doesn’t deserve tickets, he doesn’t deserve to hear the music, he doesn’t deserve anything that good.”

“pence says gays should be electrocuted until they’re straight, don’t tell me he deserves hamilton tickets, i’m glad the crowd boo’ed him,” he continued. Taran Killam said, “Wow. This musical keeps finding new ways to inspire.” Chrissy Teigen sarcastically wrote, “Wow @realdonaldtrump is right. I can’t believe they would subject poor, innocent Mike Pence to such abhorrent, evil hate speech.”

Quoting from the actual show, Tom Bergeron tweeted, “History has its eyes on you.” Kerry Washington posted, “Well said @BrandonVDixon WELL SAID. We The People. Amen. #Hamilton.” Shonda Rimes simply exclaimed, “Yes!” Emmy Rossum pointed out, “How ya gonna boycott Hamilton when it’s SOLD OUT!!!!” John Legend cracked, “If #boycotthamilton goes like #boycottbeyonce I’m gonna start #boycottjohnlegend. Sh*t seems lucrative.” Patton Oswalt also joked, “You know what? I support #BoycottHamilton. I hope it intensifies — especially during the first week of March, maybe that Sunday matinee?”

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