Celebrities React: Donald Trump Congress Speech

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Reaction Donald Trump Congress Speech

By Andrew Shuster |

Reaction Donald Trump Congress Speech

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President Donald Trump made his first address to Congress on Tuesday night, and celebrities are now reacting to the speech. See Hollywood stars’ tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump’s presidential address covered a variety of topics, including repealing Obamacare, tax and regulatory reform, fixing the economy, saving American jobs, and much more. The president also discussed some of the achievements his administration has made since taking office in January.

There were a number of celebrities, however, who took issue with many of Trump’s comments. Referencing Trump detractor Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who’s boycotting the speech, Arsenio Hall tweeted, “Maxine Waters is home binge watching EMPIRE. #trumpaddress #JointAddress.” He added later, “Our First Lady Melania Trump … always looks great! Has to really piss off Ivana Trump. The FLOTUS gig was suppose to be hers.” Trevor Noah noted, “Trump just opened with Black History and Kansas Shooting and JCC. THE PIVOT IS HERE.” And Patton Oswalt wrote, “Oh s**t I shouldn’t have pledged to drink every time there’s tentative applause. #JointAddress.”

Whoopi Goldberg reacted to the president discussing the proposed building of a wall on the Mexico border by repeating his words and then editorializing, “A Great Great Wall? What the hell?” “There will be no drugs soon yay,” mocked Billy Eichner after the president promised to stop the pouring in of illegal narcotics. And when Trump said, “Education is the civil rights issue of our time,” Eichner echoed it before adding, “Unless a child is transgender and needs to use the bathroom in which case ur f**ked.” Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen ranted, “PREZ! blowz my mind, that the world is on pins & needles, salivating to suffer the drivel from a simpleton, Ho-ass piglet fraud like you.”

George Takei expressed, “You can’t be ‘a country united against hate’ when your AG is a racist, your VP attacks LGBTs, and your top advisor is a White Nationalist.” Sarah Silverman questioned, “Who’s the boob reading #PresidentBannon’s speech?” And Chelsea Handler‏ joked, “The Democrats probably aren’t standing because their feet are so sore from all the marching. #DontGetTrumped #JointAddress.”

Following the speech, Rob Schneider urged Trump, “Now you must lead.” “I groaned. And then drank. And then ate chocolate,” noted Alyssa Milano. Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities react to President Trump’s address in Congress.

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