Celebrities React To Donald Trump’s Boy Scouts Speech

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Donald Trump Boy Scouts Speech

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Boy Scouts Speech

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump‘s speech at the Boy Scouts of America 2017 National Scout Jamboree on Monday. See Twitter reaction from stars below.

Though not a Boy Scout himself, unlike a number of former presidents, Trump was invited to speak in front of thousands of kids. But instead of giving a motivational speech, he seemed to approach it like a politically rally. He decried the so-called “fake news” media, complained about a lack of loyalty, touted his victory over Hillary Clinton, ripped Obamacare, and threatened to fire health secretary Tom Price.

Clips of the speech went viral almost immediately, and made the event a trending topic on Twitter. Among those tweeting about the remarks were a number of celebs, who questioned the president’s comments. Debra Messing retweeted a tweet that noted, “Trump, who was not a Boy Scout, got thousands of Boy Scouts to boo former President Obama, who was a Boy Scout,” and exclaimed, “What is WRONG with him!!” In response to one activist calling it “scary to think of what Trump is doing to America’s children,” Billy Eichner declared, “Trump is a cancer.” Alyssa Milano retweeted an excerpt of the Boy Scouts’ policy on abstaining from political events, and wrote, “cc @boyscouts @realDonaldTrump @GOP.” She also urged, “Please @boyscouts, denounce what @realDonaldTrump did today at the Jamboree.”

Sharing a tweet that noted, “Speaking to Boy Scouts, Pres. Trump quips Sec. Price ‘better get the votes’ for health care bill, or he’ll fire him,” Don Cheadle dryly observed, “The President of the United States.” Judd Apatow highlighted a tweet that said, “Trump is currently bragging to teenage Boy Scouts about his election victory despite his ‘tremendous disadvantage in the electoral college.'” He didn’t mince words when adding, “How small his d*ck must be if this is what he needs to do.” And in a reply to a tweet that stated Trump told the kids about cocktail parties and yachts, Apatow asked, “Did he tell them about taking reporters out to buy furniture and moving on them like a bitch?”

In reaction to Trump calling Washington the “sewer,” Tom Arnold cracked, “A great comedian always knows his audience.” Zach Braff tweeted a screengrab of Rick Perry looking at his phone while on stage behind Trump, quipping, “When the speech is boring and your Snapchat’s on fire.” And Sophia Bush also retweeted observations, including one that said, “Strange moment. Trump tells 40,000 Boy Scouts about meeting NY developer William Levitt at a cocktail party,” and another asserting, Authoritarians emphasize youth indoctrination to imbue regime w (false) legitimacy. Think of this as proto far-right Cultural Revolution.”

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