Celebrities React: Donald Trump Denounces Anti-Semitism

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Celebrities React Donald Trump Anti Semitism

By Holly Nicol |

Celebrities React Donald Trump Anti Semitism

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump denouncing anti-Semitism on Tuesday. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

Following a recent rise in violent threats made against Jewish community centers across 27 states, President Trump finally condemned anti-Semitism while visiting the National Museum of American History in Washington on Tuesday. Shortly before his visit to the museum, however, Chelsea Clinton tweeted, “2 months into 2017: JCC bomb threats, synagogue defamed, subway swastikas, Jewish cemetery desecrated. NOW will Trump condemn antisemitism?” Hillary Clinton similarly expressed, “JCC threats, cemetery desecration & online attacks are so troubling & they need to be stopped. Everyone must speak out, starting w/ @POTUS.”

And on Monday night, Ivanka Trump also offered her thoughts surrounding the bomb threats, writing, “America is a nation built on the principle of religious tolerance. We must protect our houses of worship & religious centers. #JCC.” Now, in response to growing demands urging the president to speak out against the threats, Trump said, “We have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms. The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers, are horrible and painful.” He continued, adding, “[They are] a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to rule out hate and prejudice and evil.” In response, celebrities are now taking to social media to discuss Trump’s new remarks on anti-Semitism.

Ewan McGregor tweeted, “I’m remembering when you bullied the Jewish reporter, told him to ‘Sit Down’ as I listen to you here Donald.” Michael Ian Black was similarly unwilling to accept Trump’s statement, writing, “I can’t welcome Trump’s overdue condemnation of anti-Semitism on the same day he outlines rules for vastly expanding racist deportations.”

Judd Apatow said, “His delayed response means – I am with you but you know I have no choice but to say these things so I don’t get in trouble. But I am with you.” John Fugelsang joked, “I can’t wait for Trump to visit the Anne Frank Center bc he’s never bragged about the electoral college there.” Mark Ruffalo, on the other hand, tweeted, “Thank you! Can we expect investigations?”

Ron Howard said, “Better late than never. Hope his followers listen.” And Chelsea Handler also wrote, “Ivanka tweeted “we should protect our house of worship & religious centers.” You should protect our country from your dad. @IvankaTrump.”

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