Celebrities React To Donald Trump Cancelling Chicago Rally Amid Protests

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Celebrities React Donald Trump Canceled Rally Protest

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Donald Trump Canceled Rally Protest

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump canceling his Chicago rally on Friday, as demonstrators protested the presidential candidate for his controversial campaign.

Trump was expected to hold an event at University of Illinois’ Chicago campus, but called it off after hundreds of protesters showed up. His camp initially claimed the Chicago Police Department urged him to cancel due to security concerns. But officials have since said they never encouraged any such thing, and actually had 300 officers on hand to handle the crowds.

Now stars are sounding off on the situation, with some pointing out that Trump has incited the hateful environment with comments he’s made about protestors at past events. Russell Simmons, for instance, tweeted to the GOP frontrunner, “.@realDonaldTrump You have promoted violence and have stoked the anger of your supporters. Your campaign is a shame to our nation.”

Hillary Clinton supporter Demi Lovato posted, “With great power comes great responsibility. Be a leader. Not a divider. This is the UNITED States. #TrumpRally #ImWithHer.” LaToya Jackson commented, “Just saw the #TrumpRally. Just wish we could all get along! Whatever happened to #peace? #StopTheViolence & #GoInPeace.”

Sarah Silverman, who mocked Trump by impersonating Hitler on “Conan” earlier this week and supports Bernie Sanders, asked, “Mr TRUMP, what specific times r u referring 2 from the good ol days when protesters were served the right ‘consequences’? Please b specific.” Josh Groban remarked, “When Trump says ‘I’d hate for anyone to get hurt’ I can just see his miniature orange fingers crossed behind his back.”

“Trump Will Continue 2Provoke Anger, Fear & Chaos If GOP Doesn’t Give Him Nomination, Many Supporters Will Show Us Just What Violence Looks Like,” stated Cher. Janelle Monae quoted, “‘This is what we get when we have a reality show star running for president. You get reality show sh*t.’ Guy on CNN said somethin like that.” Andy Richter pointed out, “Violence started after Trump cancelled. Maybe if he’d had the rally, there wouldn’t have been violence? Maybe cancellation was the spark?”

He went on, “Police gave him the go-ahead. He went against the police. Maybe Donald was a little scared? Maybe protest/supporter ratio wasn’t to his liking?” Jeffrey Wright similarly expressed, “@realDonaldTrump says cops advised against #TrumpRally. But cops said they cld manage. He cancelled. That’s no ‘strongman’ move. Punk move.”

And John Legend fired back at the business mogul’s own son. Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted, “Ha 5 students when asked why they were protesting couldn’t even answer. The participation medal/micro aggression generation is pretty sad!” That prompted Legend to reply, “.@DonaldJTrumpJr I think they were protesting your racist father. This isn’t complicated.”

Trump’s son wrote back, “Here we go again. That can’t be the answer for everything you don’t like. That’s why the country is so divided now!” Legend responded, “No. It’s just the answer when racist racists are saying racist sh*t and are endorsed by the KKK.”

When a Trump supporter in turn called Legend “disgraceful” and said he had “no education,” the Oscar winner actually noted, “The Donalds and I graduated from the same University, funny enough.” He went on to sarcastically tweet, “Yes, Trump trolls. I’m the real racist.”

Trump, who called the protestors “thugs” on Twitter Saturday morning, has also been ripped by both the Republican and Democratic candidates for the turn his campaign has taken at recent events. The Illinois primary will be held on Tuesday. See news coverage of the Chicago protests below.


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