Celebrities React: Charles Kinsey, Unarmed Black Therapist Shot By Police (VIDEO)

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Celebrities React Charles Kinsey

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrities React Charles Kinsey

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A black therapist named Charles Kinsey was shot by the police while caring for his autistic patient in Miami on Monday. And the incident was caught on video. Now, stars are reacting to the situation. See celebrity reactions and tweets below.

The photo above and the video below show the patient, who reportedly ran away from a group home where Kinsey works, playing with a toy truck when officers arrived at the scene. They apparently mistook the patient’s toy for a gun, and one of the cops shot the therapist in the leg while he was laying on the ground with his hands raised in the surrender position. Referring to the fact that the unarmed Kinsey wasn’t the one holding the toy, the person filming the video then says, “Why did they shoot the black [guy]?”

Fortunately, Kinsey survived the shooting, leading Andy Cohen to write, “I am so glad #CharlesKinsey is alive.” Ashley Tisdale similarly noted, “Thank god #charleskinsey lived to tell this story. He’s an aid to an autistic boy, did everything he was supposed to and got shot in the leg.” And “The View” co-host Michelle Collins also said, “This story out of my hometown makes me sick. At least he lived to tell.” And Rainn Wilson stated, “#CharlesKinsey is my hero.”

Holly Robinson Peete tweeted, “INFURIATING!! Our #specialneeds kids & those who look out for them are NOT safe.” An exasperated Sarah Silverman simply asked, “What is happening???!!” and Don Cheadle replied directly to the comedienne, responding, “Same old same old.” Gabourey Sidibe asked, “How does one justify this? Thank God #charleskinsey is alive. #BlackLivesMatters.” And Minka Kelly questioned, “How is this still happening….?! These poorly trained officers are ruining the safety and trust for the rest of our officers.”

Kyle Richards noted, “Unarmed man who was helping a special needs child is shot while on his back & hands in the air. This makes me so angry/sad.” Danny DeVito expressed, “They’re guns baby. They wanna kill people. They wanna wound people. They wanna turn us into fools, shooting things. Don’t let them do it, son.” Olivia Wilde tersely noted, “WE HAVE A PROBLEM,” and in regard to Kinsey lying on the ground with his hands in the air, D.L. Hughley said, “I don’t know what else he could’ve done except for be a different color.”

Gabrielle Union said, “Tell us again how all lives matter. No damn excuse!! What more do u need to see to convince u? How many more?” And Questlove similarly offered, “Dear #AllLivesMatter crew: #CharlesKinsey needs your help or nah?” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities react to Kinsey’s shooting.


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