Celebrities React: Bill Cosby Mistrial After Hung Jury “Hopelessly Deadlocked”

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Bill Cosby Mistrial Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Bill Cosby Mistrial Reaction

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Celebrities are reacting to the mistrial in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial. See Twitter reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

As Gossip Cop reported, a mistrial was declared in Cosby’s case on Saturday, after the hung jury told the judge they were “hopelessly deadlocked.” The prosecution immediately announced they will re-try the embattled comedy legend within four months. He remains charged on three counts of aggravated assault and free on bail.

Now a number of celebs and notable figures are weighing in on the verdict. Among the first to comment was Lena Dunham, who has previously identified herself as a sexual assault victim. “Bill Cosby’s trial is about much more than Bill Cosby. When women see justice served, their own fear & trauma are eased. When they don’t… Survivors of sexual assault have to watch every day as the legal system calls them liars and denies their truth,” she wrote on Twitter.

Dunham continued, “It is an unimaginable grind. My heart is with every survivor reliving the erasure of their own experience today. I see you. I love you.” Andy Lassner posted, “To all the women who say Bill Cosby drugged, raped or assaulted you: I BELIEVE YOU.” Columnist Shaun King wondered, “How will our justice system sensibly hold ANY men accountable for sexual assault when the President of the United States gets away with it?” He noted, “Just as we’ve heard multiple clips of Cosby admitting he gave women date rape drugs, we all heard Trump admitting he sexually assaults women.”

Olivia Wilde retweeted Shaun’s provocative question, while Mandy Moore “liked” one of Dunham’s tweets. Meanwhile, Don Cheadle jokingly quoted, “Na, na, na, gonna have a good time …Hey, hey hey…” Kumail Nanjiani asked followers, “Serious question: How will Cosby ever get an unbiased jury? Who doesn’t know him or have some sort of association with him?” RuPaul wrote, “Our criminal justice system is a joke that’s not at all funny.” And Kristen Schaal said, “Try him again. #CosbyTrial. Heart goes out to women who came forward. Without that courage there will be more victims. Serial rapist.”

With the decision coming after the Philando Castile verdict, in which the police officer who killed him was acquitted, George Takei commented, “Communities are losing faith in the justice system. People are losing faith in elected leaders. Injustice and corruption are destroying us.” He also retweeted composer Jay Kuo, who posted, “It seems sexual predators get free passes these days–in the court house and the White House.” Robin Theade also said, “just another week where a murderer & rapist both went free & a corrupt businessman who failed upwards into the presidency is still in the WH.”

John Fugelsang cracked, “Somewhere, Donald Trump is now taking credit for warning us all about a Bill Cosby mistrial.” Matt Oswalt sarcastically said, “Now that the trial is over Bill Cosby can go back to being Americas favorite dad.” Judd Apatow, one of Cosby’s most vocal critics for a few years now, wrote, “If Cosby’s defense is true he is admitting to cheating hundreds of times on his wife with the use of quaaludes. That’s what he admits.” Rose McGowan also expressed, “Thank you to Andrea Constand & all of Cosby’s victims for their bravery in coming forward. I stand with you.” Among other tweets, Lisa Bloom noted, “Many civil cases against #BillCosby continue, including mine on behalf of Janice Dickinson. Trial setting conference Oct. 18, 2017.”

Tariq Nasheed, a producer and author, offered a pro-Cosby view, tweeting, “This Bill Cosby trial was a racially motivated money grab since it started.And the media keep pointing to ‘Black accusers’ to hide this fact.” And while Cosby himself hasn’t spoken about the verdict, a statement from his wife was read outside court following the decision. In it, she decried the opposing counsel, the judge, and the media. The message can be read via Cosby’s Twitter page below.

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