Celebrities React: BBC Interview Crashed By Children

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Celebrities React BBC Interview Interrupted Children

By Holly Nicol |

Celebrities React BBC Interview Interrupted Children


Celebrities are reacting on Twitter to a BBC interview being hilariously crashed by children live on air on Friday. Watch the video below!

Professor Robert Kelly was speaking to BBC News during a live segment about South Korean politics when his children hilariously crashed the interview. Only seconds into his in-depth discussion, the BBC presenter awkwardly notified the professor that a young girl wearing a bright yellow sweater and sunglasses had casually walked into the room, only to be followed by a second child in a baby walker.

Handling the situation as professionally as possible, the expert continued to talk as he attempted to calmly push his daughter out of the shot as she stared at the camera. His panicked wife, however, quickly stormed into the room to take the children away, adding even more comedic value to the situation as she slammed the door shut once she managed to usher the girls out of the room.

The BBC presenter who was interviewing Kelly tweeted about the incident shortly after the interview. “Hard to keep a straight face,” he wrote, adding, “Having watched it back, all credit to @Robert_E_Kelly for keeping it going. Come back to @bbcworld soon, with or without your lovely family!” Now, celebrities are reacting on social media to the amusing video bomb.

Tom Hanks tweeted, “No Fake News here!” Ben Stiller joked, “Whoever directed this should get a 3 picture deal.” Christina Applegate simply wrote, “Life.” “I needed this today,” Judd Apatow shared. And Ike Barinholtz similarly said, “I cannot stop watching this.”

Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon wrote, “This video is hysterical… when you’re on a work call and the kids walk in. #MomHumor.” And Alyssa Milano admitted, “This made me cackle.” And then there was Rosie Perez, who wrote, “Wow. Funny? Idk. Definitely not the part when he pushed his kid away then the mother drawing the child. Amazing? Yes. In a cray-cray way.” Watch the video below!

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