Celebrities React: Affordable Care Act Repeal Started

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Celebrities React Affordable Health Care Repeal

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Affordable Health Care Repeal

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Celebrities are reacting to the Affordable Care Act repeal starting by the Republican-led Senate. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has been one of the hallmarks of President Obama’s time in office. The legislation ensures every American has health insurance. But the law is much derided by the GOP, who have repeatedly vowed to overturn the act. On Wednesday morning, at Donald Trump’s press conference, the President-elect reiterated a call to “repeal and replace.”

Hours later, on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, that process began. With a 51-48 vote, the Senate passed a measure that will allow the subsequent repeal votes to move forward without meeting the 60-vote requirement. Instead, a simple majority would make it possible for related legislation to pass regardless of objections from the Democratic minority. And with House slated to vote Friday on similar rules, #SaveACA has become the top trending topic on Twitter as constituents urge Congress to represent their views on the situation.

Among those tweeting are a number of celebs. Don Cheadle, for instance, posted, “While you were sleeping… #AffordableCareAct took its first bullet to the back. Tragic for not just the 20+ million, either. Here we go…” Adam McKay said, “With no replacement plan 20 million ppl (including ppl with pre-existing conditions & on parents plans) will lose coverage.” Kate Walsh not only retweeted that, but added, “Please call your congressmen & women & say NO!”

Rosie O’Donnell exclaimed, “SHAME ON EACH AND EVERY PERSON WHO DID THIS.” Judd Apatow retweeted TV host Xeni Jardin, who had posted in response to the news, “May each one of these men experience the anxiety that I as a cancer patient feel right now, knowing I’ll die if care becomes unavailable.” He also shared a message from California Senator Kamala Harris, who noted, “In the middle of the night the GOP took the first step towards repealing the ACA. I voted no. #SaveACA.”

“Shame on them,” declared Ava DuVernay. Josh Gad commented, “Devastating. I’m truly sorry to all who will lose coverage because of this vindictive & shortsighted action.” He also retweeted health policy advocate Topher Spiro, who had tweeted, “The Senate vote last night was only procedural. But the vote that matters is coming. Call your Senator now to #SaveACA: 1-866-426-2631.”

The Fault In Our Stars author John Green revealed, “Without the Affordable Care Act, [our YouTube channel] Crash Course would never have existed. Here’s why: Hank has ulcerative colitis. It’s expensive, and un-fun.” And Sophia Bush retweeted screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer who tweeted, “GOP: U had 6 years to come up w/ a replacement but just voted to gut the ACA without one? You are DEATH PANEL. I wish U all terminal illness.” Bush also shared a list of health conditions being circulated on Twitter, noting, “Friends. Family. Me.”

In contrast, Trump himself tweeted Thursday afternoon, “Congrats to the Senate for taking the first step to #RepealObamacare- now it’s onto the House!” The comment prompted Ike Barinholtz to note, “A multi-millionaire cheering people losing their health care which will absolutely lead to deaths.” Christina Applegate retweeted both messages, expressing, “This is horrible!”

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