Celebrities Mourn David Bowie – See Stars’ Twitter Reaction Tributes Here

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Star react David bowie reaction

By Michael Lewittes |

Star react David bowie reaction

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David Bowie died on Sunday after an 18-month battle with cancer, and now celebrities are mourning and reacting to his passing. See celebrity reactions below to Bowie’s death at age 69.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, the sad news that David Bowie is dead was announced on his official Facebook page, with a note that read that the singer “died peacefully” surrounded by his family. Immediately, a slew of celebrities shared their sick, grief, and sadness on Twitter. Rose McGowan tweeted, “Oh, mothereff no #davidbowie no no no no no no no no no no no no no #no.” Anderson Cooper expressed, “Find it hard to believe David Bowie has died. What an incredible life.” Ricky Gervais, who just finished hosting the Golden Globes, said, “I just lost a hero. RIP David Bowie.” And Russell Crowe wrote, “RIP David. I loved your music. I loved you. One of the greatest performance artists to have ever lived. #sorrow.”

“RIP. There will only ever be 1 David Bowie. We love you,” noted Victoria Justice, while Marlee Matlin recalled, “RIP David Bowie. When he said he didn’t like children & I told him he was once one, he said, No, I was born a Rock God. Rock ’em in heaven!” Mark Ruffalo tweeted, “Rip Father of all us freaks. Sad sad day. Love always Legendary singer David Bowie dies at 69.”

Will Arnett wrote, “You were my all time. You were the greatest. We’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. #DavidBowie.” Adam Lambert and Russell Simmons simply mourned, “RIP Bowie.” And Kat Dennings tweeted, “David Bowie has been my musical north star my entire life. This hurts even more for people close to me. He will NEVER be surpassed, never.”

“Weird” Al Yankovic added, “feel like the wind has been knocked out of me – I was not ready for this. RIP Bowie.” Meanwhile, Ken Jeong tweeted the singer’s lyrics, “Time may change me But I can’t trace time,” adding the hashtag, “RIPDavidBowie.” And Kanye West stated, “David Bowie was one of my most important inspirations, so fearless, so creative, he gave us magic for a lifetime.” He further expressed, “I pray for his friends and family.”

Oh God, rest in peace the genius that was David Bowie,” wrote Bob Saget, while Josh Groban felt, “He never seemed of this earth. Now he’s left it. He bent rules, gender, genres, and our minds. RIP David Bowie. One. Of. A. Kind.” Sophia Bush tweeted, “Deeply saddened to hear of David Bowie’s passing. What an artist, an inspiration. I’d like to think the lights shone bright for him tonight.”

I am shaking and crying over David Bowie. No other musician meant more to me than him. Devastated,” mourned Evan Rachel Wood, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared his lyrics, “But the key to the city is in the sun that pins the branches to the sky…” Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted, “#letsdance in your honor, and celebrate your life and all that you inspired #RipDavidBowie.”

Arsenio Hall wrote, “Real nice guy, and a one of a kind, uber talented artist. #rip David Bowie had swag, before we had the word swag.” “Rest in Peace David Bowie… You will be missed.. #Legend,” added Mark Ballas. Patricia Heaton recalled, “David Bowie. One of the first concerts I ever attended. I wore platform shoes with striped socks. He made feel cool.”

Wilmer Valderrama tweeted, “So sad.. #DavidBowie was & will always be ART that lives on forever.. Fearless & unapologetic.. #RIPDavidBowie.” Joel McHale simply stated, “RIP @DavidBowieReal. You were one in a billion.” “RIP David Bowie. A music Legend,” added Louis Tomlinson.

Harry Styles mourned, “RIP. David Bowie. An icon. Madonna expressed, “Im Devastated! This great Artist changed my life! First concert I ever saw in Detroit! R.I.P. <3 #RebelHeart.” Hugh Jackman wrote, “We have a lost a legend. To David’s family…all our love.” Rob Lowe reflected, “Just heard. There aren’t many legends left to use. Unthinkable and tremendously sad. #Bowie #Heroes.”James Corden kept his tweet simple by stating, “Rest in Peace David Bowie.” Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin linked to a YouTube clip of a live version of Bowie singing “Sweet Thing” and revealed, “I grew up on this music.”

Matt Lauer posted a photo of himself with Bowie and tweeted, “A rock legend is gone. Thanks for the music and the laughs David Bowie.” Holly Robinson Peete posted a photo of Bowie with his wife and Iman and shared that she “loved this couple together. Elegantly in love.” Melissa Joan Hart wrote, “RIP David Bowie. Thank you for the entertainment and inspiration!” Goldie Hawn shared, “RIP David you have left us too soon!” Ellie Goulding mourned, “Very few artists just seem to be imprinted on you long before you knew anything and long before you understood.”

Katie Couric expressed, “This is terrible news…sending love and sympathy to Iman and all those who loved him. Billy Eichner tweeted, “He changed everything. RIP to a visionary, a game changer, a force.” Alyssa Milano shared, “My heart aches. My God. Rest with the angels, Mr. Bowie. You. Everything.” Eddie Izzard wished, “Please could every radio station around the globe just play David Bowie music today – I think the world owes him that.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more stars mourn the loss of David Bowie.


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