Celebrities’ Fourth Of July Tweets: See Stars’ Independence Day Twitter Messages

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Celebrity July Fourth Tweets 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity July Fourth Tweets 2015


It’s the Fourth of July, and celebrities are taking to Twitter to share messages about Independence Day. For some it’s a time to reflect on the United States of America. Others can’t help but take a humorous approach. But everyone seems quite excited about July Fourth.

Chris Evans tweeted, “Happy 4th of July!! I’m proud of this country for so many reasons. Definitely a day worth celebrating. Have fun and be safe!!” Mark Wahlberg wrote, “Happy birthday, America! Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend, everyone!!” “HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!” exclaimed Austin Mahone. Tiger Woods posted, “Happy birthday to our great country the United States of America. And thanks to all of those who defend it here and abroad.”

“HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Hope you all have a great and safe weekend,” wrote Courteney Cox. Australian Hugh Jackman shared the yummy cupcake photo above, and tweeted, “To all our family and friends in the USA – Happy 4th!” Fresh off a trip to Sydney, Hailey Baldwin wrote, “Thank you God I’m back in America! Lol happy 4th of July!!!!!” And Aussie Emilie de Ravin tweeted, “Happy 4th of July!!! Hope everyone has a great #IndependenceDay.

Ryan Reynolds hilariously said, “America isn’t 2015 years old today? I have to apologize to a number of people I’ve hurt.” Ben Stiller joked, “What more Amercian way to spend the 4th than watching the #TDF2015 and Wimbledon in Italy. #Happy4th.” Meanwhile, the British Sam Claflin actually wrote, “Happy 4th of July. I genuinely thought it was called #IndependenceDay, because Bill Pullman and Will Smith saved the world. I still believe.”

“I like to tell my wife, ‘Let’s make our own fireworks,’ then hand her a bunch of toilet paper rolls and gunpowder,” cracked Conan O’Brien. Sarah Michelle Gellar shared an amusing ecard that read, “Happy ‘Hear-Fireworks-All-Day-and-Night-Being-Set-Off-by-Drunk-People-You-Wouldn’t-Trust-with-a-Glow-Stick’ Day!” She more seriously added, “To all that are celebrating today, please have a happy #4thofJuly. Oh and please be careful.” And William Shatner simply posted, “Happy 4th to all celebrating.”

Eva Longoria also showcased an ecard that read, “Let’s take a break from complaining about America to celebrate America.” She added in her tweet, “Happy 4th of July America! #GodBlessAmerica #BestCountryInTheWorld.” Jessica Chastain posted a funny throwback of Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger covered in American flags, writing, “Free to be you & me! #happy4th #IndependanceDay #bbq #fireworks #flagcostumes.”

“Happy 4th of July!! Enjoy your BBQ, your family, your friends, and (of course) the FIREWORKS xoP,” tweeted Paula Abdul. Her British “So You Think You Can Dance” co-star Nigel Lythgoe wrote, “A very Happy 4th of July America. #HaveAGreatDay.” From overseas Chrissy Teigen said, “In beautiful Florence, Italy!! Happy 4th everyone!! Have a rib for me!”

Carrie Underwood wrote on Twitter, “Happy #4thofJuly everybody! Today we celebrate our country & those who keep it safe & free! Have fun & be careful with those fireworks!” Howie Mandel joked, “Today I’m lighting and sparkler and standing in the yard in my underpants to celebrate my independence.” Kendall Jenner plainly declared, “happy 4th of July!!”

Patricia Heaton shared video of the late Whitney Houston famously singing the “Star-Spangled Banner,” and wrote, “Happy Birthday America!! Have fun today Tweatons!” Kendra Wilkinson tweeted, “Happy 4th of July! Have fun and be safe celebrating.” Kris Jenner similarly wrote on Instagram, “Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!! Stay safe!!!”

“Happy Fourth. I resisted emoticons for so long and now I can’t get enough of them,” wrote an excited Jane Lynch, complete with several emojis. Neil Patrick Harris said, “Happy 4th of July! I’m so proud of/grateful for everyone who protected/protects us and all of our freedoms. #HomeOfTheBrave.” He want to share a compilation video of fireworks fails, writing, “I hope your 4th of July festivities are an absolute blast! But, in the good way. Not like this.”

Lea Michele announced, “Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone has a safe and happy day!” Christina Milian revealed, “Happy 4th Of July!! It’s a beautiful day today to celebrate our Independence! Plus! I’ve Honored and Blessed to have the opportunity to sing the National Anthem & Perform new music @rosebowlstadium tonight for #AmericaFest! Crazy!”

“Happy 4th of July! I hope you take this time to celebrate one of the most important things about being an American – 3-day weekends,” quipped Ellen DeGeneres. With a whopping 19 flag emojis, Ricky Martin exclaimed, “To everyone celebrating………. HAPPY 4th Of July!!!!” Snooki said on Instagram, “Happy 4th of July! Eat, & drink & be safe,” while Jennette McCurdy tweeted, “Happy Independence Day, the day where we celebrate the beauty of freedom by getting wasted and lighting off explosives!”

Randy Jackson told fans, “Happy #4thOfJuly! Hope you spend it with your friends + fam.” Bruce Springsteen appropriately shared a video of himself performing “4th Of July,” and wrote, well, “Happy Fourth of July!” And Justin Timberlake said, “Happy 4th of July everybody! #Merica4TheWin.”

A political-mined Cher wrote, “GOD BLESS AMERICA&HELP HER REACH HIGHEST POTENTIAL ‼️WE R FAR AWAY FROM IT,BUT NO WONDER, W/THE LIMP MEMBERS….IN GOV. THEY CANT DO JACK‼️” Jim Carrey, still on an anti-vaccine crusade, tweeted, “Wishing you all a happy Independence Day. Looking forward to a time when we actually have it back.” Bill Clinton remarked, “239 years later, the United States of America is still in the future business. Happy Independence Day everyone! #4thofjuly.”

And President Obama observed, “It doesn’t get much better than celebrating America with the people you love. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!” Gossip Cop will have updates throughout the holiday!


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