Celebrities Pray For Florida As Hurricane Matthew Approaches: See Stars Tweets

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Celebrity Prayers Florida Hurricane Tweets

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrity Prayers Florida Hurricane Tweets

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Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm that has already killed more than 100 people across the Caribbean, is headed for Florida. Now, celebrities are sending prayers to the Sunshine State as the hurricane approaches. See stars’ tweets below.

President Obama declared a state of emergency in Florida on Thursday, while Governor Rick Scott urged residents living in evacuation zones to leave before the hurricane hits early Friday morning, adding, “This storm will kill you.” Meanwhile, 3,500 members of the National Guard have already begun disaster-relief preparations.

Among the celebrities sending well-wishes to Florida is Mark Ruffalo, who tweeted, “Brothers and sisters of #Florida be safe.” Josh Groban similarly wrote, “Hang in there, Floridians,” while Andy Cohen said, “Everybody in Florida BE CAREFUL!!! And Ashley Benson expressed, “Praying for friends and family in Florida.”

Reese Witherspoon offered, “My prayers go out to all of those effected by #HurricaneMatthew Praying for safety.” Josh Gad conveyed, “All my #Floridians, please say safe. My family just scrambled up North to avoid the eye. Find a shelter and hunker down.” And Marie Osmond said, “Praying for those who have already seen #HurricaneMatthew’s destruction and sending love to everyone evacuating in Florida.”

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj wrote, “Sending all my love to everyone being affected by #HurricaneMatthew,” while Gabrielle Union pleaded, “Pls be careful and safe and take care of each other!!” Mandy Moore tweeted, “Thinking of all in the path of #HurricaneMatthew, including my fellow Floridians. Stay safe!” And Patton Oswalt said, “I know I poke a lot of fun at you guys, but be safe, Florida. And I hope Haiti gets back on its feet soon. This is scary and it sucks.” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities tweet prayers for Florida.


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