Celebrities Support Equal Pay Day 2017

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equal Pay Day 2017

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equal Pay Day 2017

(Luna Bar/Instagram)

Celebrities are supporting the 2017 Equal Pay Day on Tuesday. See tweets from Hollywood stars below.

Equal Pay Day was started in 1996 to raise awareness about the pay gap between men and women. More than 20 years later, it is an issue that remains in society. And now a number of celebs are using Twitter to draw attention to the cause, including male stars.

Hugh Jackman, for instance, tweeted, “#20percentcounts Equal pay for women – today and every day. #LeanIn.” Enrique Iglesias urged, “guys please help support the women in our lives who all deserve nothing less than equal pay…” Sophia Bush shared a number of messages on Twitter to recognize the day. She also posted on Instagram, “Women, on average, are still paid 20% less than men in the U.S. — and when you break the pay gap down by race and ethnicity, Black and Hispanic women are paid even less.”

She went on, “I’m proud to support equal pay because women and families deserve their 20% today and every day. And PS. If we closed the gender pay gap? The U.S. economy would add $513 BILLION in new income each year. #20PercentCounts.” Amy Schumer shared a video from Funny Or Die, Hulu, and Lean In showing what life would be like if women received 20 percent less of “everything.” She tweeted with the sketch, “See what life is like with 20% less. Seem crazy? So is the gender pay gap. #20PercentCounts.”

Gina Rodriguez also partnered with Luna Bar for a video investigating the pay gap (see photo above), and did an in-depth interview with Glamour about equal pay. She tweeted, “Thank you @glamourmag for supporting all women on #EqualPayDay @LUNAbar #20percentcounts #partner.” Minka Kelly was among other stars who also shared a video exploring the issue, writing, “#EqualPayDay Proud of @LiveFashionABLE and all other companies that make #EqualPay and equal opportunity a reality.”

“#20PercentCounts,” tweeted Kerry Washington, adding, “And did u know that Black women are actually paid 37% less & Latina women are paid 46% less than white men?! #EqualPayDay.” Emmy Rossum posted, “Proud to stand alongside my sisters in the fight for equal pay. Every day should be #equalpayday.” Kathy Griffin commented, “Oh, & re #EqualPayDay…I would kill to make $.79 on the dollar compared 2 my male counterparts. What a joke. Must consider AGE AND vocation.” Sharing a stat about closing the pay gap, Jane Lynch said, “Today is #EqualPayDay Ponder this.”

And while Hillary Clinton may have lost the presidential election, she’s still fighting for what believes in, urging her Twitter followers, “Check out what @LeanInOrg is doing to celebrate #EqualPayDay. #20PercentCounts.” Her daughter Chelsea Clinton also noted, “3 years ago, Obama introduced more protections for women in the workplace. Last week Trump removed them #EqualPayDay.”

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, “The View” slammed President Trump over fair pay while supporting Equal Pay Day on Tuesday’s show. They also questioned why Ivanka Trump tweeted about the occasion despite her father’s actions. The current First Daughter wrote, “#EqualPayDay is a reminder that women deserve equal pay for equal work. We must work to close the gender pay gap!”

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