Cedric The Entertainer Mocks Donald Trump On “Taraji’s White Hot Holidays” (VIDEO)

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Cedric entertainer Mocks Donald Trump Video

By Shari Weiss |

Cedric entertainer Mocks Donald Trump Video


Cedric the Entertainer and Taraji P. Henson mocked Donald Trump on Thursday’s “Taraji’s White Hot Holidays.” Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, “White Hot Holidays” is Henson’s second annual variety special. In addition to star-studded performances, the hour-long program also features comedy sketches. And one this year was essentially a pointed parody of the presidential election.

Henson played a reindeer who was dismayed to find out from a fellow reindeer, portrayed by Wanda Sykes, that female reindeer have never been allowed to pull Santa Claus’ sleigh on Christmas night. They, however, wanted to “break the ice ceiling.” Enter Cedric, a male reindeer with a blonde wig, who was a clear impersonation of the president-elect.

“Y’all just jealous ’cause my antlers are huge,” he cracked, going on to say he was “here to make Christmas great again.” And when he was indeed chosen to lead Santa on his journey, Sykes’ reindeer exclaimed, “Aw, man, this is rigged!” Henson complained, “This was going to be our year, ladies… Instead, these dummies picked some orange-nosed clown with blonde hair! Yeah, I said it!”

The other two skits on “White Hot Holidays” were far less political. One featured Henson confronting a mall Santa Claus (played by Chris Rock) to reveal he was her baby daddy, and the other was a spoof of A Christmas Carol with Tyler Perry’s Madea character. Watch Cedric impersonating Trump and Henson mocking the future president in the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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