Cecil The Lion: Jimmy Kimmel Chokes Up Talking About “A-Hole” Dentist Who Killed Animal (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Cecil Lion

By Andrew Shuster |

Jimmy Kimmel Cecil Lion


Jimmy Kimmel addressed the killing of Cecil the lion on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The talk-show host went on a rant against Walter James Palmer, the American hunter responsible for the animal’s death, and nearly came to tears during his speech. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Cecil was the most famous animal in Zimbabwe, and was illegally hunted down and killed on July 1 by Palmer and two locals he hired to help with the hunt. Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, is believed to have paid $50,000 for the opportunity to hunt the lion. After luring the creature away from its home at Hwange National Park, the hunters then shot him with arrows. Cecil ran away, but suffered for nearly 40 hours until the hunters caught up with him, at which point they shot the animal to death, and later skinned and beheaded the carcass.

Kimmel explained the back story of the tragic events and revealed his disappointment that main culprit behind the animal’s death was an American tourist. In reference to Palmer’s official statement about the incident in which he said, “I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite,” Kimmel shot back, “Stop saying you took the animal. You take aspirin… you killed the animal.”

Kimmel became heated and said, “The big question is, why are you shooting a lion in the first place? …Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things?” The talk-show host went on to note that Palmer has become the “most hated man in America who never advertised Jell-o pudding on television.”

Kimmel noted he wasn’t entirely against hunting if it was necessary for one’s livelihood, but stressed, “If you’re some a-hole dentist who wants a lion’s head over his fireplace in his man cave… that’s just vomitous.” He then showed various photos of Palmer proudly posing next to his previous kills of a bear, a leopard, and another lion. “He killed like half of Noah’s Ark,” said Kimmel, bringing some levity to the situation.

The host told the audience he didn’t want to “start a witch hunt,” and that the situation should be handled in a “lawful way.” Then Kimmel got choked up and fought back tears when urging everyone to donate to to support wildlife conservation, so perhaps some good could emerge out of this disturbing story. “Maybe we can show the world that not all Americans are like this jackhole,” Kimmel said in reference to Palmer.

Check out the video below of Jimmy Kimmel choking up while talking about the killing of Cecil the lion, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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