Catherine Zeta-Jones Never Filed Divorce Papers Against Michael Douglas

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Michael Douglas in a dark suit standing next to Catherine Zeta-Jones in a red dress.

By Hugh Scott |

Michael Douglas in a dark suit standing next to Catherine Zeta-Jones in a red dress.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones has never filed for divorce from her husband, Michael Douglas. A year ago, a tabloid claimed otherwise, but the report was wrong. Gossip Cop debunked it then and can confirm it now.

Last year, Star published a phony report asserting Zeta-Jones was divorcing Douglas and had “quietly told her lawyers to prepare the divorce papers” after Douglas was accused of misconduct and harassment by a former employee of his production company. According to an unnamed source, “She always warned him that if anything more emerged about his philandering she would leave. Now it looks as though she’s following through with her word.” The supposed insider went on, “Deep down she must care, but she said she’s not in love with him anymore and she’s ready to move on.”

The story was questionable for a number of reasons, including the fact that the allegations first came to light more than a year before the tabloid published the article. Douglas was accused by author Susan Braudy of the misconduct in January 2018. The Kominsky Method actor strongly denied the allegations and to date, Braudy has not sued Douglas or pressed charges. Gossip Cop also pointed out that Zeta-Jones had just recently discussed the accusations in an interview. Her position was well-known. Still, Gossip Cop checked with Zeta-Jones’ spokesperson, who told us on the record that the story was false.

In the last 365 days, nothing appears to have changed for Zeta-Jones. She often posts pictures with her husband on Instagram and has continued to do so throughout the year. There is absolutely no sign the actress is unhappy, and she certainly didn’t file for divorce last year. Gossip Cop’s reporting was spot on, while the tabloid’s was definitely not.

It’s not shocking that the tabloid’s reporting would be so incorrect. Zeta-Jones and Douglas are rarely in the tabloids, but when they are, it is often phony reports about the couple fighting. In 2018, Star accused Zeta-Jones and Douglas of “being at each other’s throats” over their daughter’s supposed obsession with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. At the core of the claim was an alleged disagreement over their daughter’s modeling career. Douglas, the tabloid said, wanted her to go to college, while Zeta-Jones didn’t prioritize it. Gossip Cop debunked the story when we checked with Douglas’ rep, who told us the story was “total fiction.”

Star isn’t the only tabloid to make such unfounded accusations. Just last August, NW claimed Douglas and Zeta-Jones were headed for divorce over their “age gap.” The tabloid didn’t explain why age was suddenly an issue in the couple’s 18-year marriage when it never had been in the past. Gossip Cop confirmed the story was bunk when we checked in with our source close to the couple, who, of course, denied it. They weren’t getting divorced in August, and they weren’t getting divorced last January either.


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