Casi Joy “The Voice” Knockouts Video: Watch “My Church” Performance!

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Casi Joy The Voice Video

By Shari Weiss |

Casi Joy The Voice Video


Casi Joy gave a killer performance of “My Church” during Monday’s “The Voice” Knockouts. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Joy turned all four chairs with her Blind Audition performance of “Blue.” She chose Blake Shelton to be her coach, and he put Joy against Ashley Levin during the Battles. After their joint performance of “How Blue,” Joy was named the winner and Levin was stolen by Alicia Keys.

Now for the third round of the competition, Joy kept it country, but did not sing another “blue” song. Rather, she covered Maren Morris’ breakout hit. And this time, she was competing against Felicia Temple, whom Shelton had stolen from Keys during the Battles. It was a bit of a surprising pairing, since Temple has more of a pop-R&B thing going on.

In rehearsals, Joy and Temple revealed they’re roommates while holed up for the reality show, and they were not looking forward to facing off. “I definitely feel like I have to step up my game,” Temple admitted. And Joy sarcastically said “no pressure” upon finding out her rommie would be belting out “My Heart Will Go On.”

Though very different performances, both nailed it in their own respective ways. Keys even said afterward, “Why’d you pair those two up?! What in the world paired the two of you together?!” Both she and Stefani said Temple gave them “chills,” and Adam Levine thought she essentially climbed Mount Everest. That said, he gave his vote to Joy.

Shelton said Temple gave a “standout” performance, but declared, “There’s no stopping Casi Joy.” He then rhetorically asked, “Why did I pair these two?!” But a choice had to be made, and Joy was named the winner! Check out the videos below!

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