Carrie Underwood Did NOT “Slam” Kelly Clarkson Over “American Idol” Series Finale, Despite Report

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Carrie Underwood Slams Kelly Clarkson American Idol Series Finale

By Shari Weiss |

Carrie Underwood Slams Kelly Clarkson American Idol Series Finale

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Carrie Underwood did NOT “slam” Kelly Clarkson over the “American Idol” series finale, despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

RadarOnline declares in a headline, “The Last Feud! Carrie Underwood Slams Kelly Clarkson Over ‘American Idol’ Finale.” The accompanying story states, “‘American Idol’ may be over forever, but the decade-long tension between original ‘Idol’ Kelly Clarkson and highest-earning ‘Idol’ Carrie Underwood seems like it will never end!” Of course, there’s never been any such “feud,” but the site claims at the finale on Thursday, Underwood “‘threw a fit’ over Clarkson’s performance backstage!”

What supposedly went down? Well, the outlet notes that Underwood performed a duet with “Idol” judge Keith Urban, but cites a so-called “production source,” who says, “A duet was not what Carrie wanted!” The supposed snitch is quoted as saying, “Carrie caused serious drama with the final production of the show because she flipped out that she was stuck doing a duet when she has a tour and so many things to promote right now.”

“Carrie wanted to perform on her own, and the producers knew that,” continues the alleged tipster. The outlet goes on to write that Underwood’s “grudge” against her fellow singer “took a nasty turn when Clarkson was given an entire segment of the show to do a medley of her greatest hits!” Its “source” further claims, “Carrie said she just felt like she should have gotten the same type of treatment that Kelly did since she is the big money-maker from the show.”

RadarOnline ends its piece by asking readers, “Do you think that Carrie Underwood had the right to be upset over Kelly Clarkson getting an entire segment?” Now Gossip Cop has a question of its own: Did the webloid bother to watch the entire “Idol” series finale? The answer is clearly no.

Because Underwood DID have an “entire segment,” and she DID “perform on her own.” As Gossip Cop accurately reported during our live coverage of the farewell episode, Underwood first sang with Urban, and then returned later in the show for a solo performance, in which she sang her hit, “Something In The Water.” In fact, not only was the country singer the only alum to give two full performances, but she was also awarded the headlining slot.

Underwood sang right before the final results were announced, giving her prime time in the spotlight. And she and host Ryan Seacrest even talked on stage afterward about her tour, promo that no one else received (see video below). In other words, everything in RadarOnline’s piece about Underwood being upset about having to do a duet, not getting to sing alone, and not being able to promote her tour is a total lie.

As for what the site calls the “last ‘Idol’ cat fight ever,” well, that never happened. Underwood had no issue with Clarkson’s performance. It was actually pre-taped, too, and Clarkson was watching the show from home, making a backstage “fight” impossible. It’s a shame such a wonderful experience for both superstars is getting maligned by sensationalism and flat-out wrong information. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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Carrie Underwood slammed Kelly Clarkson over the American Idol finale.

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