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Carrie Underwood is not pregnant with two girls. Gossip Cop can bust a false tabloid cover story from In Touch.

The front of the issue dupes readers into thinking Underwood made an announcement, with the cover line, "Pregnant Carrie: I'm Having 2 Girls!" She never made any such declaration. Inside, the article is headlined, "Carrie: Yes, I'm Having Twin Girls!" She never said that, either. But the magazine claims that "after repairing their fractured marriage," Underwood and husband Mike Fisher have "two very special reasons to celebrate."

"They've been trying for a baby for the past few months," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. Now that Underwood is supposedly "three months along," the outlet's untraceable snitch asserts, "She and Mike are beyond thrilled that their little family is going from three to five in one big jump." This is called "a welcome about-face for the couple." Contends the alleged tipster, "There were some dark times for Carrie and Mike, and at one point friends feared they were close to splitting. But they survived, and now they're expecting twins!"

This is the publication's way of backtracking after falsely claiming Underwood and Fisher were headed for divorce in February. Fisher himself later slammed the rumors, and time has proven they were untrue, just as Gossip Cop rightly said months ago. The couple never flip-flopped; the tabloid did as a form of damage control. Now, after already proving to be untrustworthy, readers are supposed believe the magazine when it insists Underwood is expecting not one baby but two.

Acknowledging that she has "live concert dates through September," the unnamed "source" maintains that after that, Underwood's "pregnancy is going to take precedence over everything else." But then contradictorily, the outlet goes on to claim Underwood and Fisher "have decided to move from Nashville to LA," so she can work on expanding her acting career. Well, which is it? Is Underwood planning to focus on pregnancy and raising newborn babies, or is she trying to become an established actress?

The answer is neither. Underwood is not three months pregnant with two girls, nor is she relocating to L.A. to focus on Hollywood projects. Less than two weeks ago, Underwood posted a photo on Instagram showcasing her perfectly flat stomach. She also took a trip to Napa Valley in May and documented her escapades in Wine Country on social media, which Gossip Cop pointed out when the publication's sister tabloid, Life & Style, similarly claimed Underwood was pregnant with twins just over two months ago. She clearly wasn't expecting twins then, and she still isn't now.

And while this article gives the impression that she won't be doing live shows after September, Underwood said in a fan letter earlier this year about her new album, "Of course, we're already talking about a tour." Additionally, while it's true Underwood and Fisher have been looking to move from their current Nashville estate, People specifically reported they "will not be leaving the Tennessee capital city." That means Underwood will not be raising her nonexistent twin girls in Los Angeles.

In sum: After Life & Style did a twins cover story for Underwood in May, its sister magazine In Touch is offering one in August. But there is evidence that she isn't pregnant with two girls, and the singer herself has already indicated she'll be going out on tour to support her new album, which comes out next month. Additionally, there is no sign Underwood and Fisher intend to move to the West Coast. On the contrary, People already reported they're staying put in Nashville. Lastly, don't forget that this is the same tabloid that insisted six months ago that the couple was about to split. As a result, this new cover story isn't credible.

UPDATE: Just as Gossip Cop said, Underwood is not pregnant with twins. On August 8, Underwood announced on Instagram that she is expecting just one baby. She also revealed her tour will start in May.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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