How Carrie Underwood “Saved Marriage” Is Fake News Story

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Carrie Underwood Saved Marriage

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Carrie Underwood Saved Marriage

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A story about how Carrie Underwood supposedly saved her marriage is fake news. Contrary to this report, her relationship with Mike Fisher wasn’t in need of saving in the first place. Gossip Cop can bust the contention.

In early February, In Touch published a cover story falsely alleging Underwood and Fisher were headed for divorce. Gossip Cop rightly debunked the untrue claim. Now, more than a month later, sister tabloid Life & Style is doing damage control. Instead of admitting the original article was wrong, the gossip magazine wants readers to believe Underwood and Fisher suddenly patched things up over the last few weeks.

This new piece is titled, “Carrie: How I Saved My Marriage.” That is a blatant deception, as Underwood never made such a declaration. She also didn’t speak with either of these publications. Still, the outlet maintains the singer is “setting the record straight.” Again, she’s not. The story actually features a so-called “insider,” who claims supposedly on Underwood’s behalf, “She wants the world to know that she and Mike are stronger than ever.”

“Divorce was never an option for Carrie,” contends this alleged tipster, who further asserts, “She says hard work, faith and commitment to family saved her marriage.” Now the couple is said to be focused on giving their son a “little sibling.” The “insider” claims to the tabloid, “Carrie wants to be clear this is not a Band-Aid baby. It’s definitely not to fix anything. It’s to spread the love.”

While the magazine notes there was “speculation that the marriage was on thin ice,” it does not acknowledge that such rumors were sparked by its sister publication. Still, it’s apparent this tale was manufactured just to cover up the prior shoddy reporting. This update serves to explain to readers why a divorce isn’t actually happening. But the real truth is that Underwood and Fisher weren’t actually on the verge of breaking up to begin with.

In fact, three weeks ago Fisher himself shut down split rumors, telling a concerned Instagram follower, “We’ve never been better.” And just days ago, Fisher posted a birthday tribute in Underwood’s honor. “Happy birthday to an incredible wife and an amazing mom,” he wrote, adding, “You’re a blessing to [son Isaiah] and I everyday.”

In Touch should’ve taken responsibility for peddling an inaccurate divorce story and apologized to the stars, as well as to readers. Instead, Life & Style stepped in and added to the falsehoods with this bogus report about the marriage being “saved.” But two wrongs will never make a right.