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Is Carrie Underwood’s marriage to Mike Fisher falling apart over the former hockey player’s desire to return to the rink as a coach? One particularly notorious tabloid insists that this is the case. Gossip Cop looked into the matter and can provide some clarity.

Carrie Underwood "On Thin Ice" With Mike Fisher?

The National Enquirer reported that American Idol alum Carrie Underwood’s “happy home life may be on thin ice” because her husband, retired Nashville Predators pro Mike Fisher, was dying to get back into the game in a new position: coach. The former NHL star, who twice retired from the sport, was “reportedly driven crazy by Carrie’s obsessive-compulsive ways” after being “holed up” with his wife and their two sons during the pandemic.

“Insiders” for the outlet claimed that Fisher had begun entertaining ideas of picking up a coaching job and had “even entertained offers from his native Canada." The questionable source explained,

Mike just misses hockey — the competition, the camaraderie with his teammates.

“He knows he’s a little too long in the tooth to come back again and play competitive hockey, but he’s gotten several coaching offers,” the supposed insider went on to say. This wasn’t exactly good news for Underwood, the outlet’s source explained.

Underwood Fears Her Family Will Be "Uprooted"

If Fisher were to take a coaching job offer in Canada, the “pal” noted that it would be “challenging” for the spouses to raise their boys while still pursuing their careers. Underwood enjoyed all the time she’d spent with Fisher as a family and, according to a “friend,” wanted Fisher to go on her next tour with her, but “she needs him to want to do it.”

Carrie just hopes he changes his mind about returning to hockey — and possibly uprooting their family.

This entire story is nothing but speculation. Mike Fisher hasn’t publicly announced his desire to coach hockey, and the only assurance we have that this is even a possibility comes from an anonymous source. The outlet took an unnecessarily mean jab at Underwood about being “obsessive compulsive.” This comes from a nearly ten-year-old offhand statement Underwood made in 2013 about being “OCD about time.” Several outlets took this statement to be a literal admission from Underwood that she was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, but it’s clear that the singer was speaking figuratively. Still, Underwood has a reputation of being a control freak, a reputation the tabloid uses here to push their phony narrative.

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Mike Fisher Might Possibly Consider Coaching

If Fisher has been offered a coaching position, he might consider taking it, and it could possibly be with a Canadian team. That’s a lot of possibilities, and none of them are backed up by any verifiable facts. Besides, from what we can tell from social media postings, which admittedly don't show the whole picture, Fisher seems to be a dedicated husband and father. It doesn't really make sense that he would suddenly decide to move to a different country for a job, leaving his wife and children back stateside. Gossip Cop finds the entire premise of this story doubtful, which is why we’ve determined it’s probably false.

Plenty of tabloids have speculated about the status of Carrie Underwood’s marriage to Mike Fisher. OK! predicted that the couple was headed for ruin back in 2017, but obviously that prediction fell flat, as the two are still happily married. Gossip Cop also called out Star for claiming that the two were considering divorcing, which also never happened. It’s almost as if these outlets totally make up rumors about celebrities in order to trick people into buying their tawdry magazines.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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