Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher NOT Headed For Divorce, Despite Report

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Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher Divorce

By Andrew Shuster |

Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher Divorce

(In Touch)

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are not headed for a divorce, despite a completely false tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the supposed marital drama. We’re told there’s simply no truth to it.

The latest issue of In Touch claims the spouses of seven years are at a “breaking point” over their differing personalities, interests and schedules. But the main issue, according to the unreliable magazine, is Fisher’s decision to end his retirement from the NHL after six months and rejoin the Nashville Predators. “She really thought Mike’s retirement was going to give them the time they needed to work on making their family stronger,” a so-called “source” tells the publication.

The outlet’s questionable insider adds, “His decision put a huge strain on their marriage. If Carrie and Mike continue to grow apart, it will surely end in divorce for them.” However, this is provably untrue. Fisher told ESPN that it was Underwood who encouraged him to return to the NHL. After it was announced last month that the hockey player would be rejoining the Predators, Underwood posted on Twitter, “This is happening! Fish is back! So proud of you, baby! We want the cup!!!”

Still, the publication’s supposed source insists that Fisher “isn’t always cognizant of Carrie’s feelings and needs,” and the two have been slowly growing apart over the years. The alleged insider further claims that the dynamic of the couple’s relationship changed when they welcomed a baby in 2015. As the story goes, the singer has suggested they seek marriage counseling, but he’s nixed the idea.

“[A divorce] will tear Carrie apart because of her faith and the vows she took,” says the seemingly phony tipster. “Obviously, it’s something that neither of them wants, and the stakes are higher than they were a few years ago because of their son. But more and more, they seem to be going their separate ways, and it could spell doom for their marriage.” The highly suspect insider concludes, “They have a lot of work to do if they are going to rediscover what they’ve lost in each other. And time is running out.”

As noted above, Underwood fully supported and even prompted her husband’s decision to return to the NHL, so this entire cover story is based on a false premise. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, who wasn’t at liberty to comment on the record but exclusively assures us that the tabloid’s account of their marriage is entirely untrue. Underwood and Fisher are going strong, and the claim otherwise is completely unfounded.