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Carrie Underwood does not need to "save" her marriage to Mike Fisher because it's not in "crisis mode," despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this untrue divorce claim, which was splashed across the cover of one of this week's tabloids. Fisher and Underwood are perfectly happy, as they await the birth of their second child.

According to In Touch, which has a very spotty record when it comes to reporting on Underwood, the pregnant singer and her retired NHL player husband's marriage needs to be "nursed back to health." The magazine alleges the two are going through a "rocky patch" that includes them being at "each other's throats." "They're in crisis mode," says a so-called "insider."

Using the announcement last week that Underwood was canceling performances in the UK due to illness, the tabloid's supposed source takes that legitimate news to falsely maintain the singer nixed the two shows slated for last Saturday and Sunday to "work on her marriage." "A baby is on the way, and Mike wants Carrie to do less, not more. They're fighting over it," contends the tipster.

Among their other marital battles, alleges the publication, was when Fisher announced earlier in the year he was coming out of retirement to again play for the Nashville Predators. The magazine's purported "source" notes, "Carrie felt betrayed by him." "Friends feared they were close to splitting," adds the outlet's unnamed "insider." Another untraceable person described as a "friend" says Underwood "accused Mike of putting his career before their marriage" and it caused a "huge rift" until several months later when Fisher "agreed to give up hockey" for good.

Then, when Underwood got pregnant with their second child, the source asserts Fisher felt the singer "should put her career on hold, concentrate on raising the kids and make that her priority." The problem, writes the tabloid, is that Underwood has "pushed back on stepping out of the spotlight completely." "The truth is there's still a lot of friction between her and Mike," alleges yet another untraceable "source."

Actually, the problem with the tabloid's cover story is that it's filled with numerous untruths. And Gossip Cop is not entirely surprised, since we have corrected the outlet on a number of occasions for publishing wholly inaccurate information about Underwood and Fisher. In February, for instance, we busted the magazine when it wrongly claimed Underwood was divorcing Fisher for coming out of retirement to once again play professional hockey.

In reality, it was Underwood who urged Fisher to return to the Predators. He noted at the time, "She wanted me to do it" and gave her "blessing." And for her part, Underwood tweeted, "Fish is back! So proud of you, baby! We want the cup!" Clearly, they didn't have any "huge bustups" over it, as the magazine maintained.

Gossip Cop also corrected the publication a month ago when it falsely claimed that Underwood is pregnant with twins girls. They're having just one baby. In a video she posted on Instagram on August 8, the singer explained her tour, in support of her album Cry Pretty, was being pushed back to May 2019 because she, Fisher, and their son Isaiah were "absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond." That's one Fish, not two Fish.

Contrary to the tabloid's entire premise, the couple's marriage does not need saving. If anything, the former hockey player is nothing but supportive of Underwood's career. Just three weeks ago, Fisher posted on a photo on Instagram from his wife's album release party for Cry Pretty, writing that it was "unreal" but "not quite as good as the new @carrieunderwood album!! This album is something special!"

That was followed six days later with Fisher sharing a picture on Instragram that attests to their marriage being in tact with. He captioned an image of them seated next to each other at a restaurant, "Date night with my better half!" Just around the same time, Underwood posted a photo on Instagram of her husband kissing her, with a message that reads, "My baby loves me just the way that I am."

Conclusion: While In Touch exclaims on its cover that Underwood is trying to save her marriage, the truth is her union with Fisher doesn't need any help. In an effort to bolster its premise, the magazine throws out a slew of reasons their relationship is in "crisis mode," but each of its theories are provably wrong. Contrary to claims about Underwood opposing Fisher coming out of retirement, she was the one who wanted him to return to professional hockey. And as opposed to the magazine's narrative about him wanting the singer to "put her career on hold," Fisher has always been her biggest fan.

As noted, the tabloid has falsely claimed in previous cover stories that they're getting divorced and having twins. Both of those reports were factually incorrect. Indeed, Fisher himself has even shut down divorce rumors. Significantly, while the magazine alleges its information comes from an unidentifiable "friend" and an equally anonymous "insider," the former ticket star and Underwood have repeatedly gone on the record to talk about their love for one another and how they support each other's careers. For those reasons and others mentioned above, Gossip Cop is giving the magazine's latest article a zero out of 10 on our fact-or-fiction meter.

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In Touch

Carrie Underwood is trying to save her marriage to Mike Fisher, with whom she's fighting.
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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