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Carrie Underwood Marriage OK


Carrie Underwood's marriage to Mike Fisher is not exploding, contrary to a new tabloid cover story. This fake news comes just two days after the couple happily celebrated their wedding anniversary.

The new cover of OK! hit newsstands on Wednesday blaring, "Carrie's Marriage Explodes! Fights, Lies & Raging Jealousy." Inside the issue, a headline exclaims, "Carrie & Mike Marriage On The Rocks." The tabloid writes, "As Carrie Underwood and her hockey star husband, Mike Fisher, grow apart, friends fear the couple could be heading toward a split."

Although the gossip magazine acknowledges the couple just "rang in their seventh wedding anniversary," it's alleged "they may have been feeling something more like the seven-year itch" because their "onetime idyllic marriage is on thin ice." A so-called "friend" is quoted as saying, "They're living separate lives. Carrie cleared her schedule this year to spend more time at home so they could work on their relationship, but Mike is never around. It seems like he's simply lost interest in her."

Gossip Cop wonders what kind of "friend" would be discussing such matters with a disreputable tabloid. Anyone truly close to the couple would not talk about their marriage with the gossip media. And yet this purported pal supposedly alleges to the outlet that Underwood and Fisher are "romantically out of sync" and "often end up sleeping in different rooms." Still, you also have to wonder how much the publication actually knows when it makes reference to Underwood's "January Golden Globes performance." The singer did not perform at the awards show.

The tabloid goes on to criticize Fisher for not accompanying Underwood to the ACM Awards and CMT Awards, even though he was understandably busy with the NHL playoffs at those times. Even the songstress' enthusiastic support of the athlete during the post-season is painted as a sign of marriage trouble, with the magazine spinning Underwood's fandom as evidence of how she just "keeps up appearances." It's further alleged they recently had an argument about "groupies," and the insider maintains, "Carrie has sadly begun to wonder whether her fairy tale has become a nightmare."

So, why haven't the stars split? The publication gives the convenient excuse that "Carrie's Christian values make it difficult for her to simply throw in the towel." That way, when she and Fisher don't end up filing for divorce, the outlet can just point to Underwood's faith as the reason why. But you know what's not mentioned in this cover story? The loving tributes each posted on Instagram for their anniversary two days before this article was published.

"Celebrating 7 years with this amazing man. How am I so blessed to share this life with you, @mfisher1212 ? Here's to so many more years and memories together...," wrote Underwood. Fisher said in his post, "Glad I took a chance on this babe 7 years ago. Turns out she's the best wife, and mom to Izzy, I could ever dream of!! #happyanniversary." It makes far more sense for fans to take those comments to heart than anything from this outlet and the alleged "friend."

In fact, we'd be remiss not to note OK! sister publication Star tried peddling a suspiciously similar cover story in April, claiming Underwood was "trapped in a bad marriage." Not only are the covers designed the same way (see below), but the contentions in both stories are basically the same with slight wording adjustments. It was fake news three months ago, and it's still fake news now.

Carrie Underwood Marriage OK


Carrie Underwood Marriage Problems


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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