Carrie Fisher Advised ‘Star Wars: Force Awakens’ Actress Daisy Ridley Not To Have Sex With Crew

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Carrie Fisher Sex Advice Daisy Ridley Star Wars

By Andrew Shuster |

Carrie Fisher Sex Advice Daisy Ridley Star Wars

(Graham Norton Show)

Carrie Fisher, who’s best known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, gave The Force Awakens lead actress Daisy Ridley some sound advice: Don’t have sex with the crew!

The cast of Episode VII – The Force Awakens, including Fisher, Ridley and John Boyega, appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” to talk about the highly-anticipated sequel. In passing the torch to series newcomer Ridley, Fisher had more words of caution for the actress than words of wisdom. “I told her not to go through the crew like wildfire,” said Fisher. “But I also told her not to take any advice from me!”

Fisher went on to explain, “When I was first in it, I never wanted anyone to have the anecdote, ‘I slept with Princess Leia.'” She added, “I once met a guy who told me he had thought about Princess Leia every day from the ages of 12 to 22.” The actress further recalled asking the fan, “What, every single day?” to which he responded, “Actually, it was four times a day!”

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is now playing in theaters. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Fisher’s advice for Star Wars’ new lead actress Ridley.


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