Carlos De Antonis “America’s Got Talent” Video: Opera Singer Gets Standing Ovation

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Carlos De Antonis AGT Audition

By Shari Weiss |

Carlos De Antonis AGT Audition


A 53-year-old car service driver named Carlos de Antonis stunned on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” with an opera performance. Check out the video below!

Perhaps unfairly, the producers set up de Antonis as a joke contestant. The way his audition was initially packaged, he seemed like one of those acts who would bomb in embarrassing fashion. He explained that he’s a driver in Miami, but the “dream is to become a professional singer and have a show in Las Vegas.” When he took the stage, he said his “dream” was to perform in front of the judges.

And then he started singing. And not just singing, but emotionally performing Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma.” Needless to say, but everyone one in the room was shocked. As the judges gave a standing ovation, de Antonis mimed throwing something into the crowd. It was his heart, because he gives his all and sings for them.

Heidi Klum told him, “We’re supposed to be throwing flowers at you, Carlos! You’re so good, Carlos!” Howie Mandel, who was on his feet before the singer was even finished, said, “Amazing. Your character, you are so giving… You’re a nut but you’re an amazing nut. I love him.” And Mel B gushed, “You sing with such passion that comes right from the depth and you just spray it all out. It was brilliant. I felt it all.”

Simon Cowell gave some of the highest praise. “I don’t know an awful lot about classical music, but what I do know is the only people that matter on this show are the audience, and when they love someone, they love someone. What you have is you gave it heart.”

“You are one of the most likeable contestants we have on the show,” Cowell continued, “I would like to start the voting because I would love to be the first person to say yes.” Mandel added that everybody in America was saying “yes.” Watch the video below!

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