Carla Wallenda “Little Big Shots: Forever Young” Video: Great-Grandma, 81, Shows Off Sway Pole Stunt

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Carla Wallenda Little Big Shots

By Shari Weiss |

Carla Wallenda, of the famous Flying Wallendas family, showed off her daredevil ways with a sway pole at the age of 81 on Tuesday’s “Little Big Shots: Forever Young.” Check out the video below!

“Forever Young” is a new spinoff to NBC’s “Little Big Shots,” which just finished its second season last week. While the original series spotlights children, this sister program is all about the older generation. In fact, participants range in age from 60 to 103.

Prior to showing off some of the talent that made her family internationally famous, Wallenda, whose family was previously known as The Great Wallendas, sat down with host Steve Harvey to discuss her death-defying stunts. Now a great-grandma, she told the host, “I came all the way out here. I’m just thrilled to be with you!” When he pointed out she’s turned down a lot of other television shows, she told the comedian, “I wanted to meet you!”

Asked why her family does such dangerous stunts, Wallenda responded, “They don’t have to. They just happen to want to. I have nine grandchildren and I have seven great-grandchildren. In our backyard, we don’t have swing sets and teeter totters. We have high wires and trapezes and all that and they play circus.” Wallenda herself mastered the tightrope first, but always admired her aunt’s work on the sway pole.

After that relative fell to her death, Wallenda took up the stunt herself. (Yes, you read that correctly.) “The only way I can describe it is it’s sort of like a flag pole, but the top part of it is very limber. I can pull it and bend it from side to side, and then I get on top and balance on top,” she explained to a baffled Harvey.

After their chat, the two went outside, where Wallenda climbed an 85-foot pole without a harness. Stunned just by that, Harvey threw his microphone down to the ground. After pausing at one point to catch her breath, Wallenda made it to the top. She then swung in the air as the unstable pole itself swung, as onlookers screamed below. She even stood on her head at one point at the very top. Watch the videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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