Carl Lentz: Justin Bieber Is “Getting Better Day By Day” – Watch “The View” Video

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The View Carl Lentz VideoThe View Carl Lentz Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Carl Lentz VideoThe View Carl Lentz Video


Carl Lentz says Justin Bieber is “getting better day by day.” The Hillsong Church pastor made the comment during an appearance on “The View” on Monday.

Lentz was on the ABC talk show to promote his new book, and he was asked about everything from his appearance to being close with a number of celebrities like Bieber. Joy Behar began by noting that he doesn’t dress like a typical pastor. “We just kind of try to be ourselves at all times,” he acknowledged. Sara Haines said that Hillsong is seen as a “hip, progressive church that’s drawn millennial crowds” while “still [being] evangelical.” She wondered what that meant as far as social issues, like gay marriage and abortion.

“So, we’re gonna go right there?” he asked, seeming surprised by the serious question. He then said, “Our job is still to help people, not necessarily change how they think but try to point them to what God has said, to what we believe the Bible to say… We believe that the Bible’s clear, that God is good, that God loves everybody, that Jesus was here to set people free. That’s still the good news of the gospel.” Lentz then said that one isn’t “disconnected” simply for disagreeing on certain issues. “The cultural, religious norm right now is that if you and I disagree, we’re done. I don’t believe that’s the case,” he said.

Behar point-blank asked if it was a “sin in your church to have an abortion,” and Lentz explained that’s something he takes on a case-by-case basis by getting to know the people involved and their “story.” “Before I start picking and choosing what I think is sin in your life, I’d like to know your name,” he said, adding that God is the “judge.” He also doesn’t see separation of church and state as a black and white issue. He told the co-hosts, “When people say keep politics out of the pulpit, I say, ‘What do you mean by that?’ Politics affects people. So if that’s happening, you better believe I’m gonna talk about politics.”

Sunny Hostin praised Lentz for being “very vocal in support of Black Lives Matter and against racism in this country,” and wanted to know if he was worried about losing parishioners and if he got push-back for calling out President Trump following the Charlottesville riots. “Yes and yes,” he admitted, going on to say he’s seen as doubly privileged as both a white man and a preacher, and so he felt it was his “job to at least speak what is obvious” about the problems in the country right now. “Some of that stuff needs to be said upfront, outloud, no matter what you believe, no matter what your background. We got some racial problems, and the issue is that there are people that are trying to act like this isn’t real.”

Haines then brought up Bieber, prompting Lentz to crack, “Who’s that? What’s his name?” He then said quite seriously, “He’s doing good. I think he’s been famous for a long time and we’ve seen what fame can do to people in this culture. The fact that he’s as kind and as humble as he is with his failure as much as he with his success, I think a lot of the stuff you read about Justin wouldn’t be true, a lot of the great stuff he does wouldn’t be seen. He’s got his own stuff he’s had to own publicly, where he has made mistakes, but if anybody judges him, I often say you’d shudder at the thought if maybe your life was on the front page when you were his age or even really right now.”

“He’s doing well,” Lentz reiterated. “He is who he is. He’s a guy getting better, day by day, like all of us.” The pastor then rejected the notion that he “cozies up” to celebrities. “I think that’s what people say when they don’t understand something,” he insisted, saying of his church, “We won’t cozy up to anybody. We love everybody. What am I supposed to do, say you’re too famous for me to say hi to?” Check out the full video below.

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