Cara Delevingne Fires Water Guns At Paparazzi — WATCH VIDEO

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Cara Delevingne Water Guns Paparazzi Video

By Shari Weiss |

Cara Delevingne Water Guns Paparazzi Video

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Cara Delevingne got a wet revenge on paparazzi on Friday, two days after one photographer took an upskirt photo of her. See video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Delevingne took to Twitter on Wednesday night to reveal the “disgusting” encounter with a paparazzo in London, where the unidentified photog allegedly aimed the camera up her skirt. In addition to expressing concern for the model, fans also encouraged her to strike back. “Any suggestions? Eggs?” she asked followers.

Delevingne ultimately went with water guns. In a video she posted to Instagram on Friday night, the British star, joined by a pal, is seen firing the toy weapon at paparazzi in front of her. She keeps the soaking going as the bright lights of the cameras flash in her face.

“Pay back,” Delevingne simply captioned her post. Many commenters praised the Paper Towns actress for the stunt, while some pointed out that while funny, the water may have seriously damaged the photographers’ cameras. It’s also not clear if among the paparazzi out there this time was the same individual who took the upskirt shot.

Delevingne has had many run-ins with the paparazzo over the years, including an incident earlier this fall in which she pushed one guy in Paris after he blocked her entrance into a restaurant. Check out the water gun video below, and tell us what you think.

Pay back

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