Candace Cameron Bure Slams President Obama Oval Office Address On Terrorism

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Candace Cameron Bure president Obama ISIS

By Michael Lewittes |

Candace Cameron Bure president Obama ISIS

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Candace Cameron Bure slammed President Obama on Monday’s “The View” for lacking “passion” during Sunday’s address on terrorism from the Oval Office. In a sharply divided Hot Topics segment, Bure expressed that she felt Obama was too calm, and even accused the president of talking down to the American public as he spoke about the ongoing battle with ISIS. Watch below.

“I would have liked some passion… That drove me nuts,” said Bure. “I know he is even-keeled, but it was like, come on… There is major terrorism going on.” She added, “Aside from just wanting to see some emotion, I felt like he was talking to us as if we were children.” Her sentiments were echoed by fellow co-host Paula Faris. She said, “Americans expected more out of the speech, and they didn’t get it.”

But Michelle Collins jumped in and argued that Obama’s calm demeanor was far more appropriate than “fear mongering.” She also said she thinks the president is doing the best he can with the limitations imposed upon him. “I can’t wait for whoever to take this job over,” noted Collins. “It’s time to find out how hard this is… You’re not going to do anything different than what we’ve been doing because that’s all we can do.”

Check out the video below. Tell Gossip Cop with whose assessment of the president’s speech you agree more. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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